Caregivers Marketplace

Here is a link to The Caregiver's Marketplace, an ongoing rebate center, where you can save up your receipts for eligible health care items that you already purchase for your family- everything from diapers to vitamins. Why not take advantage of the free money back?

You don't have to have a specific family member or need in your home, you simply have to take the time to look through their list of items that qualify, fill out their form, save your qualifying receipts and send them in for your refunds.

You can sign up online to have the information sent to you as well as a list of products that qualify, or I've actually seen the forms in Kmart by the pharmacy, so take a look there if you don't want to fill out the online form (although they won't send you spam if you're worried about that).

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say... love your blog and love the way you explain everything so simply completely. You are a great couponer and a great friend!!

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