Free Movie Rentals....

Have you seen the Redbox machines in McDonalds
and Walmart among other places?

I've noticed them lots of times & always disregarded them as the same old vending machine style things you come across that are always after your money.

I recently learned differently about the Redbox. Redbox kiosks are an inexpensive, easy way to rent a movie. No going to the video store and paying much more for the movie.
1) Just pick up a movie while you're in town shopping or eating.
2) Return the movie before the following day before 9 pm at any Redbox kiosk
3) You can reserve a movie online
(this doesn't work with a promo code)

They offer promotional codes that make movies free, or they're only $1 without a code. If you are late returning a movie, there is no expensive "late fee". They simply charge you $1 for another day & you can keep the movie as long as you like.

Promotional codes:
When you sign up online for their emails, they automatically send you a promotional code to use for a free first rental, they also will begin sending the typical news and information about the company.

You will also be given the opportunity to get text messages on Mondays with a free promo code every week for use on Mondays. I will try & post these each week, so check back.

You can also find promo codes here, where people collectively share codes that are currently working.

To use promotional codes:

1) Simply find a kiosk. You can find your local ones here.
2) Touch "Rent with Promo Code" on the initial screen. This is in the lower left corner.
Enter the code when prompted.
3) Make your selection. Your discount will be applied while you checkout.
4) Check out. You will have to enter a credit or debit card to process the transaction, but you will not be charged as long as you return the movie prior to 9 pm the following day.

Do you only have one free promo code, but want 2 movies?
Here's how to do it....
You can use the same code multiple times if you use a different credit/debit card for each transaction. That way you can get a movie for the kids, and one for you both with the same code for free.

To visit their website click here for their information page.

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