Free on your Birthday...

My birthday is soon approaching, and Hubby just celebrated his...
This made me think.

Many companies, mainly restaurants, send you an email with a coupon for something free for your birthday. Now many times it's a dessert, but sometimes you will be surprised with a free meal or an appetizer with no other strings attached.

Most of these you will have to sign up for online and they will ask for your email. Many of these companies will not sell your info, but just in case it's a good idea to not use your main address for this.

Here are few to get you started...

Burger King
-Kids club members get free meal.

Cold Stone Creamery-Free creation for your birthday.

LoneStar Steakhouse- Join cClub, get free birthday gift.

Qdoba- get a free chips and salsa for signing up for their eClub.

To find more simply search birthday freebies.
You will find lots of places to sign up.

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