Printable Coupons... Lots of them!

Coupon links below .. wink, wink, ... for those of you who don't care to know where I've been all this time.
I've been away for awhile working on other projects.  Hubby and I flipped a house last school year and it took a lot of our time.  While I was still using coupons, I wasn't devoting the time to my blog or doing a lot of searching for deals like I had in the past.  The house flip was my "job" while little guy was in school. 

I spent most of my summer with my little guy who is now 6!  We spent a lot of time in the pool and doing fun things together.  School will soon start and I'm getting the itch to get back into coupons like I was previously.

I hope to begin sharing again with you some of the deals as I come across them.  I started looking around today and realized just how many coupon sites there are out there now... Wow!

Here are a few that I know about and have recently found... as well as some old favorites.
Feel free to check them out.. and let me know if I've missed any worth mentioning. A favorite of mine that I have used for years.  You can usually print 2 of each coupon they have listed.  Print once and then go through and make your choices again.  The ones you printed the first time will be at the end of the list.

Red Plum
Redplum- an old fav.  Make sure your zip code shows a radius of 50 miles to get the most coupons.

Coupon Network

Coupon Network 
Currently has $5 off $25 iTunes coupon


Freefly's - Samples and coupons.  Powered by, so some coupons are similar.


Saving Star Coupons -some back to school coupons listed right now, as well as a couple of goodies for the grill.  These are eCoupons (electronic coupons)

Have fun finding some great savings!

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