Enchilada Bake... Yummy!

One of the best ways to save money at the grocery is to base your menus one what you are able to get inexpensively at the store, instead of making your menu and then heading out.

If you've been following my blog, you know I probably got some free Taco Bell Dinner Kits at Meijer this week. Unfortunately they pulled the coupon from the site so you can no longer use it. I plan to occasionally post recipe ideas for sale items that keep your budget in check and your family happy at the same time, so check back for more recipes if you like this one.

The Taco Bell kit I got had 10 soft taco shells, taco seasoning and a salsa packet.
I was able to use all of it with this recipe- the salsa on the side with chips.

I went looking for a way to use one of the kits in a new way, and this is what I found in my church cookbook. Thanks D.Miller for your wonderful idea!

I substituted a few things and will note that along the way...

Enchilada Bake
1 lb. ground beef (I used ground chuck)
1 15oz can tomato sauce ( I used 1/2 can crushed tomatoes)
1 pkg taco seasoning
soft tacos shells (kit came w/10 & had to use a couple extra from my fridge)
1 can cream of mushroom soup (I used Healthy Request)
1 cup sour cream (I used lite)
1 can chopped cream chillies
2 cups grated sharp cheddar cheese (I didn't have a full 2 cups so use part cheddar & part mexican mix)

Brown beef and drain (I added a few diced onions I had in my fridge just because), drain beef. Add taco seasoning and tomatoes and simmer for 10-15 minutes (I added a little water and let it cook off) stirr occasionally. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spoon meat mixture onto tortillas, roll them and place them into a 9X13 pan (I used 2 smaller pans)- you might want to grease if using metal pans. In a separate bowl mix together soup, sour cream and chillies, spread mixture onto rolled tortillas and bake for 25-30 minutes or until bubbly.

The chillies won't be spicy hot and you can't taste the mushrooms, so don't let that stop you from trying this one!

I served with refried beans and chips and salsa.

Yummy meal that was really simple!
We had leftovers which reheated quite well.
Hope you enjoy!

Giveaway... Walgreens Savings Coupon Pamphlet

Here's your chance to get your hands on one of those
wonderful $50 in coupons pamphlet from Walgreens.

If you've not been able to get ahold of one yet, or if you've had one and a cashier insisted they needed the coupon you want to use again, or maybe your friend needs one, or you'd just like to have an extra one. I don' t need to know your situation... I just have an extra that I'd like to give away to someone that could use it.

Just leave a comment on this post and I will draw for a winner tomorrow afternoon, Saturday 11/1.

Please make sure I can get ahold of you in case you win!

My goal is to get it to you so you can use the diaper coupon for this deal coming week if you need it. Check out the deal here if you haven't seen it yet.
Anytime I come across a good deal using one of the coupons in the pamphlet I post it for everyone so you don't have to miss any good deals. So check back often to see what deals are running that you might like to get in on.

For that matter, anytime I come across a good deal period, I post it!

Walgreens next week... Diaper Deal starts 11/2

Extra, Extra.... Special deal on Walgreens diapers!!

Update on this deal...
some are reporting that the coupon is not scanning with the pullups. If you need pullups, you may find it to your advantage to buy diapers and then later exchange them for the pullups. They are the same price so there should be no hassle in doing so.

If you have a need for diapers or pullups this is the deal for you.

For starters, get your hands on one of those Walgreens Pharmacy Coupon booklets.
The front cover is red and says, $50 in Great Savings, a Thank You from Walgreens.
To get the pamphlet you have to go to the pharmacy and ask about their new pharmacy prescription savings program. Ask, and ask again at different pharmacy's if you're unsuccessful. I finally described the booklet and was given one. She tried to tell me you had to sign up for the program to get the coupon, I corrected her... the promotion states all you have to do is ask about their program to get savings.
This taken directly from their website...
  • $50 in coupons just for asking your pharmacist how much you can save
You can find the page here if you'd like to print it to take with you.

Once you have your hands on the pamphlet, don't cut out the coupons! I repeat... Don't cut out the coupons!

Walgreens doesn't require their coupons to balance out the drawer, they just throw them away. Just like when there is a coupon in the add I just hold out the add showing the coupons I want them to scan... saves me from cutting them all out, saves them from throwing them all away. Do the same thing with the coupons in the pamphlet. If they insist on taking the coupon there's not much you can do but give it to them, but most find it too much trouble to ask you to tear it out when they don't need it anyway.

So here are the details of the sale...

Walgreens brand jumbo size diapers will be on sale next week B1G1 free.
Regular prices is $8.99
Buy 2 for $8.99
use $2 coupon in pharmacy book.. the register will take $2 off of each package you buy
so -$4
You just paid $4.99 for 2 jumbo packs of diapers, or $2.50 a pack!!
(If you've got a W card you will get another $.90 return on your card... I've not discussed the W card yet, you can find details on it here. Basically you get 10% back on most Walgreens brand products for being a part of their savings program)

If you wait for the end of the week they often have $5/$20 coupons for Friday & Saturday, which would make for an even better deal. This doesn't happen every week, so don't count on it.
Buy 8 (because the $2 coupon is a Walgreens coupon it has to be used before the $5/$20)
$8.99x4= $35.96
-$16=$19.96... oops, you'll need the tiniest filler of $.04 minimum :)
If your filler is $.10 (I've been finding seed packets in the clearance section for this)
= $20.06- $5/$20 coupon
$15.06 for 8 jumbo packs of diapers.
($3.60 back on your W card if you have one)

If they are out of the size you need you have 2 options...
1) Buy a different size and exchange them at a later time... keep your receipt!
2) Get a raincheck on the price! The coupon is good through 12/08, so lots of time to find them in stock.

We have used the pullups here at my home and they work well. They seem to run a little smaller than the "brand name" products, so keep that in mind when you're shopping.

If you purchase these and don't like them as well as "name brand" diapers you could use them during the day and use the "name brand" at night. Still saves you lots of money!

If you're interested in one of the Walgreens Pharmacy coupon pamphlets, I have an extra that I will be giving away in a drawing tomorrow....
just decided to do it so good chance to win it!
You will be able to enter for the drawing here.
Good luck!

Bath & Body Works... more coupons!!

Free 2 oz. Signature Collection Body Lotion with any purchase.
Expires 11/5/08
Get coupon here

Free True Blue Spa or Aromatherapy Product up to $15 with additional $10 purchase.
Expires 11/2/08
Get coupon here

If you have a new store opening in your area you can use this one which can get you a free item worth up to $13 with any $10 additional purchase.
Expires 11/30/08
Get that coupon here

Good buys at KB toys w/Free shipping!

Head-to-Head Plug'n Play Video Game System
This would be a great Christmas gift for $2.99 & shipping is free!

Simply click on below link and do a quick search.... also, there are several other inexpensive toys you may find of interest. The link below will take you to the free shipping items, from there you can sort by $-$$$, $$$-$, or Bestseller or do a search.

KBtoys.com: Free Shipping On Over 1000 Items! Shop Now (limited time offer)

My Kmart Trip...

Here it is for all to see, my deals from Kmart doubles! I could've done better... maybe.
To learn more about the promotion click here.

I went in without any idea what I was looking for, so I did alright. I had looked at some of the posts others had given about their finds this week but decided to go on my own because I just knew if I was prepared, everything that I had a coupon pulled for would be gone.

Several things were gone, but I did find some things to stock up on... and I was in desperate need for some shampoo- which I was able to get!!

I signed up for their emails & got a $5 off of $50 coupon which I used today. Sign up for your own here.

Total before coupons was $86.30....
My grand total was... drum roll please.....

and the register printed a $10 of off $100 coupon...
I don't know if I'll get that one used though!?!?!

I have to say it was fun today!

Bath & Body Works Coupon

There is a current Bath & Body Works coupon I have come across to share.

Free 2 oz. Sign. Collection Body Lotion
good through 11/05/08

You can print it here.

Some stores will let you use more than one coupon, but YMMV.

Arm & Hammer Plus Oxyclean Money Back Guarantee

Try it and love it or it's free...
even if the cost is your reason for not loving it!

Can pick your preference of liquid or powder.

Guarantee is good for purchase price up to $13.99
Expires 12/31/08

You can print the form from here.
I always print these and rebates in fast draft, black ink to save on ink costs and
companies honor them just fine.

Arm & Hammer detergent is B1G1 at CVS this week... don't know if CVS carries the Oxyclean line, so YMMV.

Arm & Hammer Essentials TMF Rebate forms!

I love TMF rebates... especially when I can find a coupon or bonus program to make it worth extra $ in my pocket.

Arm & Hammer Essentials currently has a TMF rebate available for this item.

Expires 6/15/09

Kmart Doubles!!!

Many Kmart stores are doing Super Doubling
again this week Oct 26-Nov 1.

If you haven't heard about this yet, here are the details...
Any manufacturer coupon valued at $2 or less will be doubled at participating stores. You can only use 4 like coupons There is a limit of 75 coupons per person per day at each store. Overage will not be given. Internet coupons will not be accepted to double for this promotion. Some stores will not double coupons that say do not double even if they start with a 5 (coupons at most stores will still double if the first number by the barcode starts with a 5)

Check with your local Kmart to find out if it is included in this promotion. Several have reported that their store didn't advertise the promotion but have taken in a flier from another store that talks of the promotion. Some managers are honoring it after seeing the other stores flier. You can also email Kmart at Custrel@customerservice.sears.com to find out if your store is participating. They need your state, city and zip code.
This is said to be a complete list, but I'm not sure if the source is valid.

Many items are free or at a steep discount with this promotion. Several have posted the deals. You can find some of them here at Saving Money Ideas and here at Common Sense with Money.

I haven't yet been, going tomorrow!! This is the first time I have participated in this promotion so we'll see how it goes. I'm looking forward to it... wish me luck.

I'll try and post a pic of my purchases and what I paid for it so you can have a visual.

Extra... Extra....
If you sign up right now to get Kmart email promotions they will email you 2 coupons for $5 off $50.
Use this with the current Super Doubles and do even better! Be sure to use the $5 coupon before your manufacturer coupons!

Here's the link...

Meijer Deals starting 10/26....

It seems they've added the Jello coupons back to the mealbox site!!... print them quickly if you think you may want to get in on the deal.

Jello Gelatin is on sale 6/$3 or $.50 each
The coupon is for $1.50 off of 2 Jello gelatin products that make 4 servings, making them free.

Here's the real deal maker!!
When you buy 3 Jello Gelatin products you should get a $2 catalina good on your next purchase. By my calculations if you buy any 4 products and use 2 coupons & the catalina kicks out, this will be a MoneyMaker this week. You can roll these for the same product at Meijer.
Update: I tried this today and purchased 4, no catalina printed on any of my 3 transactions. Still free, but not a great moneymaker without the catalina.

If you prefer to buy the pudding it will still be a great buy, but w/no catalina.
Pudding at my Meijer was $.88 last week or 2/$1.76
$1.76- $2 mealbox coupon = $.26/2 or $.13 each

Taco Bell Dinner Kits are on sale 20% off
Most of the dinner kits were around $2.79 each at my local store.
There is a coupon on mealbox for $1.50 of each one...
$2.79- 20%= $2.23
$2.23- $1.50= $.73 each
Update: A few of the Taco Bell products at my store had peelies on them for $1 off of a dinner kit, making them a moneymaker.

Taco Bell Salsa is also 20% off and the coupon is good for this as well.
My store had the salsa priced last week at $1.85
$1.85-20%= $1.48
-$1.50 coupon
= $.02 overage if your store allows it.... either way, free salsa!

Kraft products...
Kraft Mac & Cheese Dinner, Kraft Mac.& Cheese Deluxe Dinner, A1 Steak Sauce, Velveeta Shells & Cheese Dinner, Kraft Dressing 8 oz
Buy 3 or more of these products in 1 transaction through 11/8 and get a $2 catalina good on your next purchase.

Buy 3 Kraft Mac & Cheese Dinners @ $.64 each= $1.92
Get $2 catalina = $.08 overage/Free Mac & Cheese
Rinse & repeat (you can use this catalina on your next mac & cheese order)
Buy 2 Kraft Mac & Cheese Deluxe Dinners @ $2.35 each
Buy 1 Kraft Mac & Cheese Dinner @ $.64
Use $2 off any 2 Kraft Deluxe Dinners on Mealbox
= $3.34- $2 catalina = $1.34 *** Do this if you prefer the Deluxe Dinners
I did the Kraft Mac & Cheese and the Mac & Cheese Deluxe Dinners and got my catalinas for this deal.

Kellogg's Cereal or Pop Tarts are on sale 4/$10, get $2 off instantly (equals 4/$8)
Apple Jacks or Froot Loops 17oz, Corn Pops 17.2 oz, Strawberry Mini Wheats 21.5oz, Frosted Flakes 23 oz, Bite Size Frosted Mini Wheats 24 oz, Raisin Bran 25.5 oz or Kellogg's Pop Tarts 12 ct.

There is a Kellogg's printable here.

There is also a catalina printing (ends 11/2) on the Kellogg's Mini Wheats right now.
Buy 2 get a $1 catalina
Buy 3 get a $3 catalina

If you purchase 4 boxes of Mini Wheats (4/$8)
use 2 $1 printable coupons
pay 4/$6, get $3 catalina
or $1 each
Great buy if your family likes these!

Breyers Ice Cream, 48-56 oz 2/$5
- $.50 coupon 10/26 RP (my store doubles)
-$1/2 mealbox coupon
Buy 2 for $2 if you have 2 RP coupons, or $1 each
Klondike Bars 2/$5
-$.50 coupon 10/26 RP
-$1/1 mealbox coupon (use 2)
Buy 2 for $1 w/2 RP coupons, or $.50 each

Popsicles 8-24 ct 2/$5
- $1/2 RP coupon
- $1/1 mealbox coupon
Buy 2 for $2 or $1 each

BirdsEye Steamfresh Veggies, 10-16oz $1.33 each
-$1/3 coupon SS 10/12
-$1/2 mealbox coupon
Get 3 for $1.99

Tyson Boxed Chicken 2/$5
-$1/2 coupon SS 10/19
-$1/2 mealbox coupon
Get 2/$3 or $1.50 each

Buy 2 Oreos, Cakesters or Big & Soft Cookies 2/$5 get a free gallon of milk

$.99 lb- Red/Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Granny Smith, Royal Gala, Braeburn & Fuji.
This is a great time to purchase apples for pies, cobbles, etc.

Meijer dozen large eggs $.99

Non food stuff...

Oragel Toddler Toothpaste $1.97
- $1 coupon 10/26 SS
Total = $.97 each

Palmolive Liquid Dishwasher Det. $2.19
-$.50 coupon 10/26 SS
Total = $1.19 each

Meijer Mealbox
If you have trouble finding where to print the mealbox coupons from their site visit my Meijer post here that explains where they are.

Print what you want now as they may no longer be there when you look later! It's happened to me!

Great week at Meijer... Hope you have fun!

Walgreens November Rebates Freebies

L'Oreal Age Perfect Pro-Calcium Radiance Perfector, $19.99
ESR (EasySaver Rebate Nov) $19.99
-$1 coupon 8/3 RP
or $1 printable here
= $1 profit

Almay 1 Coat Mascara, $6.99
ESR $6.99
-$1 coupon 10/12 SS
= $1 profit ****Hold off on this one until Nov. 2 when it will be B1g1!!!****

Free Sample of Dunkin' Donuts Coffee...

Dunkin' Donuts. Dunkin' keeps me blogging. Try Dunkin' Donuts Coffee For Free. Get a Sample

I don' t know about all of you, but I'm a coffee lover
and I jump at the chance for a good freebie.
So, here's the best... a free coffee sample. Just click on the link below & enjoy!!

I can almost smell it already! MMmm

CVS Sunday & Monday Deals

CVS has recently been running special deals for shoppers on Sunday and Monday.
Here is the list of those for this week.

To see the rest of this weeks deals, look here.

Hershey, Mars & Nestle Fun Size (9.5-13.3 oz) & Twizzlers Snack Size (22 oz) are 2/$3
-$1 Nestle coupon here
= $.50 for Nestle
$1.50 each for others

Good for those Trick-or-Treater's

CVS this week... 10/26

We'll start with the best deals... the free or better ones....

SoyJoy Bars 4/$4, get $4 ECB (limit 1)
coupons B1G1 SS 9/7
or coupon B2G1 SS 10/19
= Free or profit w/coupon

Nova Max Blood Glucose Monitor $9.99, get $9.99 ECB (limit 1)
= Free
Bic Comfort3 Advance Razors 4ct., $4.99 get $4 ECB (limit 4)
$2 off 1
total= $1.01 profit

Advil PM Liqui-gels, 8 ct. $.99
- $1 coupon here
- $2 coupon here
= Free, both make item free, if you use the second one the cashier may let you buy 2, YMMV

Good deals....
Crest Spinbrush Pro or Refills (2ct) $5.99, get $2 (limit 1)
- $2 coupon here

Always Infinity Pads $4.99, get $1 ECB (limit 5)
-$2 coupon 10/12 PG
total = $1.99 each

Arm & Hammer, 32 load $5.99, B1G1F
- $1 coupon here (print and use 2)
total= $3.99 for 2

Walgreens wk of 10/26...

Not as great a week at Walgreeens as the last, but I'll take the break.


L'Oreal Age Perfect Pro-Calcium Radiance Perfector, $19.99
ESR (EasySaver Rebate Nov) $19.99
-$1 coupon 8/3 RP
= $1 profit

Almay 1 Coat Mascara, $6.99
ESR $6.99
-$1 coupon 10/12 SS
= $1 profit ****Hold off on this one until Nov. 2 when it will be B1g1!!!****

Other good buys....

Palmolive Dish Soap $.99 w/ coupon in ad
- $.25 10/26 SS
total= $.74

Puffs $.99 w/coupon in ad
- $.25 coupon 9/28 PG
total= $.74

Clorox Bleach w/coupon in ad $1.50
B2 Clorox products get free wipes coupon here.
total= $2.98 for all 3 items

Free Taco at Taco Bell Tuesday

This coming Tues. October 28th from 2-6 pm stop by for a free crunchy taco.
No other purchase is necessary.

Details can be found here.

Think outside the bun....

This is thanks to a stolen base in the MLB World Series.

Just for Men Touch of Gray TMF Rebate

Here's a link to the Just for Men Touch of Gray Rebate.
TMF rebate up to $8.

You can print the form here. It's a long dated form, so be sure you've not done it before.
Expires 12/31/09


Always gives you at least $5 for an active referral...

Their normal promotional bonus is $5, on a rare occasion they offer more and I will be sure to let you know when that happens so you can invite your friends.

Now I know you're thinking you have to go to their website and purchase their products... not at all. EBates is a program where you will find more than a thousand retailers that you can shop through.

Here are a few examples of the stores you find at Ebates:
  • JCPenney
  • Hotels.com
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Alamo car rental
  • Target
  • Disney
  • Restaurant.com
  • Starbucks
  • Petcare RX
  • GiftCertificates.com
  • Shutterfly
You will get your rewards bonus ($5 provided you make a purchase within 30 days of signing up) and any money that you earned by signing up your friends that followed is saved. When the money you have earned through shopping totals $5.01 or more, you will get the rewards money and your money for shopping though them. They is no expiration date and no time requirement to meet to get your $ earned by shopping. That money is not put on a time basis... it is yours as soon as your cash back from shopping through them equals $5.01 or more. Also... if you shop enough to have $5.01 in your shopping rewards, you get a check from them every three months, or if you'd rather, they can pay you through Paypal

What is Ebates? What's the catch? Ebates offers rewards when you sign up through them and then go shopping. They have thousands of retailers that not only give percentages back from your purchases, but they often offer coupons/codes that you can use at retailers to save you money on your purchases.

I'll give you all the info up front... in order to cash out on that $5 (or more if you get friends to sign up through your link-more details on that below), you have to make a purchase through them. One within the first 30 days to keep your sign-up bonus.

Ebates is a great program to use if you ever purchase anything online. I don't shop online a lot, but I find that with Christmas time creeping up I usually find a few deals that I can run through Ebates to get my rewards and save money on my purchases too.

I've been a member of Ebates for about a year and found them to be a good company use. Often if they don't offer a percentage back at the retailer I'm wishing to shop at, they have a coupon for them that saves me money.

Their service is absolutely free... it will never cost you a red cent and you get $ back for shopping. What a great time of the year to offer bonuses for shopping online for Christmas! (something I'm gearing up to do right now)

One way to make the best of signing up and getting the bonus assured right away is by making a purchase on Restaurant.com through their site. If you've never heard of them, check them out for some nice dining at discount prices. Check out my info. here about them.

An easy way to meet your requirement to get your $5 sign on bonus is Restaurant.com. Restaurant.com is a discount dining program on it's own so you can save on dining and meet the requirements for the $5 in your account. See the latest Restaurant.com dining discount code to make your first purchase even more beneficial at my post here.

For example .... I was recently looking at a gift certificate through Restaurant.com that is for $25... their price is $10, apply the 70% off code if it's available and you pay $3 for your $25 gift certificate (some of the certificates at restaurant.com have specific requirements to use them so read them carefully before choosing).

Sign up here for Ebates!
Get 2 friends to do it and you're $10 richer....

Walgreens $5 off $20 coupon good today & Saturday!

Here's another one of those wonderful Walgreens coupons...
this time $5/$20

I'm glad to see Walgreens is doing this now.... I was really starting to miss the ones that CVS used to give out. Is Walgreens the new CVS? I've been finding myself there much more lately, how about you?

They actually have the coupon 2 places...
Here at coupons.com - Sorry about the length of the bar.. couldn't get it to resize>>>

with wording that states to be used after coupons and discounts, most stores will allow you to use this one after the Walgreens coupons and before the manuf. coupons, YMMV (your mileage may vary).

The other one is here and states to be used after all manuf. and Walgreens coupons and discounts.

The deals this week are great for this coupon! Gotta love the savings!

I haven't yet done the Revitalift for the rebate so will probably do something like this...
Revitalift $16.49
free eye/night cream this wk w/Revit. purchase $16.49 (don't know if this would count toward my $20)
St. Ives Elements $4.99
total= $21.48 (w/free crm taken out)
- $5 Walgreens coupon
-$2 L'Oreal coupon
-$2 L'Oreal coupon
-$4 RR
-$8 RR
=$.48+ 2 fillers to make coupons total items (I usually buy the Walgreens single tissue packs)
Get $5 RR, $16.49 Rebate

Benefiber $7.99 x 3= $23.97
Fusion Razor $8.99
Walgreens single tissue $.29
-$5 Walgreens coupon
-$15 (Walgreens ES $5 coupon)
- $6 (3 $2 Benefiber manf. coupons)
-$4 Fusion coupon
- $3 RR
=$.25 + tax
Get $8 RR, $4 RR
(on this deal I had to add the razor because your total has to be over $20 after your other Walgreens coupons to use the $5/$20)

St. Ives Elements $4.99
Alka Seltzer $4.99
Oral B Cross Action Toothbrush $4.99
= $14.97
+ $5.03 item of your choice... this will essentially be free
-$5 Walgreens coupon
-$8 RR
-$1 RR (from Kleenex earlier this week)
Total $6
Get 3 $5 RR

Meijer coupons....

Check out the coupons on mealbox.meijer.com. If you can't find them, see my Meijer 101 post here for directions to them.

Currently there are 2 great coupons there....
(3 if you're going to make it there yet this week, before 10/26)

$1.50 off of Any Taco Bell Dinner Kit or Salsa
Salso is $1.85 making it $.35 a jar!! My store had mild and medium.
I anticipate them having a sale on the dinner kits, so print some coupons and hold them if you don't buy the salsa.

The other one I was going to tell you about they apparently already pulled... it was a good one too! Proof that if there's one there you want, you'd better not wait to print it!

The one good for this week yet is $1 off of 2 7up or Dr. Pepper products. They are on sale through 10/26 for $1 each, making them $.50 each with the coupon.

While you're there, check out the Snyders chips and pretzels. The tortilla chips in my store had a peelie coupon on them for $1 off soda with the purchase of 2 Snyder chip products. The Snyders were on sale B1G1, $2.98 reg $, making them $1.5o each - the $1 on soda.

I bought the soda $2
2 bags of tortilla chips $2.89
- $1 Meijer coupon
- $1 soda coupon from bag of chips
=$2.89 all of it... not too shabby & I love Diet Dr. Pepper :)

I believe my store had all of the Snyder products B1G1 buy my sandwich pretzels didn't ring up that way. I didn't notice it in the store, so I will be taking them back to get my difference or all of my $ back. Don't be afraid to do that when something isn't right when you get home.

Another deal I just happened upon for this week... Progresso Soup is on sale 8/$10, get a $.50 off the light variety here that doubles for $.25 a can. After you print one, hit the back button to print another. I don' t know how many it will let you print, my computer has trouble with brick coupons.

Also, it's been reported that Kraft Mac&Cheese, as well as Kraft dressing 8 oz , Kraft Deluxe Mac&Cheese, Velveeta Shells & Cheese Dinner & A1 Steak Sauce print a $2 catalina when you buy 3 in one transaction. Good through 11/8!
Kraft Mac&Cheese is $.64 a box x3=$1.92 get a $2 catalina back...
Rinse, repeat.

**** If you go to mealbox to print coupons and find one you think you might use... print it right away. As mentioned above, they do disappear- and seemingly at random. I will be printing some of the frozen food coupons that I think I might use as the originals are set to expire soon, and my store was out of them. If I print them now they may work longer than the printed ones did... our little secret.

Bath and Body Works coupon for free item through 11/23!

Just got a link from a friend about a new coupon out from Bath & Body Works for a free Wallflower or Scentport Starter set with any in store purchase, good through Nov. 23!

The best way to use these coupons is to purchase something very inexpensive and get your freebie.

Check out the link and print the coupon here. Enjoy!

Coupon for Coffeemate... $1 off

Now is the time of year that I stock up on my coffee creamers.  They often have them on deeper sales this time of the year due to the colder weather and the holidays coming up.  

I take advantage of the better sales and the extra coupons they put out and stock my freezer with them.  Not only do I do this because I really like some of the holiday flavors, like Coffeemate's Peppermint Mocha, but I find that they freeze very well so I can have them anytime of the year... long past their expiration dates!

Coffeemate is currently sending out $1 off coupons for their creamers on their website.  You do have to register on their site, but you can opt out of future promotions, etc.  Here is a link to their site.  

Gotta love that cup o'java!

CVS update for this week 10/19


As you all know Gum toothbrushes sets are free after ECBs this week... however.....

It has been reported that some are ringing up $1.25 and still printing a $3.99 ECB.
The upc to look for is 7094212391
Don't forget there is a limit of 5 on these.

Happy Hunting!! Hope you find it!!

Mop better than Swiffer!

I know many of you love your Swiffers, but I can't handle the price of the pads (even with sales & coupons) and the thought of throwing more and more stuff in the trash can when there is an alternative.

I have been using a Microfiber mop for years, probably 8-9 at least.  We have hardwood floors and laminate and I absolutely love my mop.  It came with 2 pads that attach to the mop with velcro strips.  When they get dirty, I get the bulk of the residue from the floor off of them and throw them in the washer.... good as new.  The only problem I've had with mine is that it's velcro strips are in need of replacement, but I can do that myself.  

Mine came with a microfiber cloth that is great for dusting when it's dry, or dampin it and it also helps remove stickers and labels from things, oil spots, crayon marks, and etc from surfaces.

Saves me money on refills for the Swiffer, and saves the landfills from the dirty pads I'd be throwing away every time I mopped.  And... I get to choose when I whether to put a chemical on my floor, or if I just want to use water or vinegar and water which are safer too.

I have the StarfiberPro, but haven't been able to find it with a metal handle which mine has and I think would be best suited for long term usage.   I found something similar at Amazon which I will link below if you're interested in looking for one.  The one in my link has good reviews if you're in the market for one, or feel free to take a look around for one.  

Just had to say how much I love mine, even after all this time.
For more Works-for-Me Wedsnesday ideas check out this blog.

KB Toys good deal alert!

Cute backpack carrying case on sale at KB Toys for $2.99.  Meant for a VideoNow camera, but would be great for trips to carry along small needed items through a park, etc. or for a teenager to carry along there ipod, camera, etc.

Original price $19.99!

KBtoys.com: Top Travel Toys!
Click on my link above and search VideoNow Backpack to find this deal.

Walgreens Fusion Power Razor Update!!

It has come to my attention that if you buy the gift set found in some Walgreens stores it is ringing up $8.99, the same sale price as the regular ones are.  

It is also still printing  a $4 RR!

So... $8.99
- $4 PG coupon
= $4.99
get $4 RR
like paying $.99 for each gift set!!  

Great for Christmas gifts!!  Too bad I didn't know this sooner!

Kmart Max Factor Freebie!! through 10/25

Heads up mom! This one's for you :)

MaxFactor Make up in on sale this week B1G1 Free.
Use your B1G1 Free Max Factor face products 10/19 RP
Get 2 free products for each coupon you have.

Update... on second glance, I didn't get the B1G1 Free "makeup" coupons, my were for lipcolor. I did take advantage of the deal though! Sorry mom!

Thanks to Mercedes at commonesensewithmoney.com for posting this deal.

Free Labels & coloring sheets for Halloween

I don't do "Halloween" because of my beliefs, but do love the season of harvest and we are always ready in case of a few trick-or-treaters.  

There are some cute freebies from Land O'Lakes you can print from your computer, some of them spooky & scary, and some of them more seasonal so anyone could use them.  You can pick the and print just the ones you like.

You can find them here... the links to the labels and coloring sheets are on the right side of the page.
This is a neat site with lots of recipes and a coupon here & there you can print.  

Amazon Frito Lay Deal/Hershey deal... $15 off of $39

Amazon is offering $15 off of a $39 purchase of Frito Lay products.

Details here... 
Save $15 today when you spend $39 or more on any combination of eligible Frito-Lay snackes offered by Amazon.com.  Use the following promotional code when you check out:  FRT08OCT

This offer applies only to products offered by Amazon.com and for purchases made between Oct. 18 & Nov 8, 2008.  Not valid with andy other code based offers.

Could be a good deal if you send snack bags with your kids lunches.

Doesn't end here... 

There's a similar promo with Nestle & Hershey products... 
Just in time for those Trick or Treaters!!

Purchase $39 or more in qualifying Nestle or Hershey products & get $15 off your order.
Enter code CDY080CT at checkout.  
This offer expires 10/31/08

Your orders may be eligible for free shipping if you sign up here for Amazon Prime trial membership.  See my post here for details on Amazon Prime.

Sale on Crocs!

Are you a Croc lover?  Do you know one?  Here's a great chance to save some money on Christmas gifts!

Crocs.com has a clearance section with lots of good buys.  Many of them for kids that are licensed character Crocs for as little as $14.99.  These are real Crocs, not knock-offs!

Check out the clearance section here...

Free shipping code: TRYCROCS08
I haven't tried the shipping code so don't know if it works.

Free 2009 Calendar and coupons from Turkey Hill

Free 2009 calendar just for calling and asking for one.

I don't know about you but I love ice cream any time of the year! 
I hear they have other products, but in my area the only thing I've come across is the ice cream.

Call Turkey Hill and let them know you would like a free calendar and they will automatically send a free packet of coupons along with it.  

If you signed up for one of these last year, you should automatically receive one again this year.
Offer is good while supplies last.

Oops.. almost forgot the phone number!

Free Tote From Target!

Free Retote!!!! Targets name for a reusable tote.
Reusable bags are all the rage now... get a cool one here free!

Found in People Magazine (Oct 27 issue)...

Tear off the front cover of the magazine fold it and stuff it with 5 plastic Target grocery bags, and mail it in... it is even postage prepaid! They will send you a coupon for a free Target Retote reusable shopping tote.

If you don't get the magazine you can place them in a plain 8 1/2 x 11 or larger envelope and mail them. You'll have to pay for the postage, but you'll still get the free retote.

Here's the address if you don't have the magazine...
121 New York Avenue
Trenton, NJ 08638

Must be postmarked by 11/30/08!
You will receive the coupon in early January 09 and will have until the end of the month to redeem it. Full details can be found here.

CVS this week... 10/19

If you missed the freebie deals I posted for Sunday and Monday, you can find them here.

Here's the line up for the rest of the week...

32 oz Powerade $1.69, get $1.69 ECB (limit 1)= FREE
If you still have a coupon from June or July now's the time to use it!

Butler GUM Toothbrush 2 pk $3.99, get $3.99 ECB (limit 5)= FREE
use $.75 coupon 8/3 RP

Just for Men Touch of Gray Haircolor $7.99, get $7.99 ECB (limit 1)= FREE
use $2 coupon from here
send in for rebate from here
$7.99-$2 coupon= $5.99 out of pocket
Get $7.99 ECB, & $7.99 rebate
=$9.99 Profit!!
Here's proof it sometimes pays to purchase something you don't want or need!

Listerine Agent Cool Blue
$4.49, get $3 ECB (limit 5)
$1 coupon here or
$1 coupon 7/27 SS
= $.49 each

Excedrin Express Gels, 20 ct $1.99
$2 coupon here

Colgate MaxFresh Toothpaste or Toothbrush $2.99, get $2 ECB (limit 2)
$1.50 coupon here
= $.51 profit

Listerine Whitening Pen
$9.99, get $5 ECB (limit 5)
-$3 coupon here or
-$3 coupon 9/28 V
= $1.99 each

Buy $25 in Select Baby products get $10 ECB
t 1)

Huggies Jumbo Pack $9.99
$1 Diaper coupons 9/28 SS
$2 Pullup coupons 9/28 SS

Huggies or Playskool Cloths 80 ct. $2.79
$2 Playskool coupons

Similac Advanced Formula, 23.2oz $23.99

J&J Baby Powder, Lotion, Oil, Shampoo, Balm, Bedtime Washcloths, or Desitin Originals $2.99
$3/3 J&J coupons 9/21 V

Q-tips $2.49
$.30 coupon 8/17 V

Gerber food, cereal & juices 25% off

Walgreens this week... 10/19

There are some great deals this week on RR!

Alka Seltzer Plus Cold is on sale this week for $4.99 get RR for $4.99= FREE

Theraflu Products, several qualify.
Buy 3 get an $8 RR

There are coupons out for the Theraflu, $4.99 each
$2 off each (10/19)
$1 off here

Excedrin also work for this deal, $5.99 each
coupons for $2 off (10/19)

There are also rebates available for these items which make this even sweeter!

Check out some possible deals....
Buy 3 Theraflu products $4.99
Make sure one of them is Theraflu Warming Relief to send in for the rebate.
Total= $14.97
- $6 (3 Theraflu $2 coupons)
$8.97 out of pocket
Get $8 RR & $4.99 Rebate
$8.97-$8 - $4.99= Profit of $4.02!!

Buy 3 Excedrin products $5.99 each
Make sure one of them is Expess Gels for the rebate
- $6 (3 Excedrin coupons)
=$11.97 out of pocket
Get $8 RR & $5.99 Rebate
$11.97-$8-$5.99= Profit of $2.02!!

Buy 3 Maalox
products $4.99 each
- $6 (3 $2 coupons from 10/19)
=$8.97 out of pocket
get $8 RR= $.97 total or 3/$1

Buy 3 Triaminic
products $4.99 each
- $3 (3 $1 coupons from 10/19)
= $11.97 out of pocket
get $8 RR= $3.97 total or 3/$4

Benefiber Kiwi Strawberry Sticks, $7.99 each
-$6 (3 $2 coupons from papers)
- $15 (1 $5/1 EasySaver Coupon- takes off each, only need to use one coupon)
= $2.97 out of pocket
get $8 RR= $5.03 Profit
(I haven't tried this one myself yet)

You don't have to buy 3 of every product,
you can mix and match as you like.
Just be sure if you're doing rebates that you get those items on separate receipts as they usually each want a receipt mailed in.

St. Ives Elements on sale for $4.99, get $5 RR (RR printing through 10/25)= FREE
Reports are that it is printing a $2 RR, but when you use it it takes off the $5.
Must be a misprint on the RRs.
This deal was printed on a register catalina announcing the deal. You won't find it in the ad.
You'll find a $2 coupon for them here.
Update... coupons are now printing correctly!! 

Gilette Venus Embrace Razor on sale this week for $8.99, get $4 RR
There is a satisfaction guarantee available here. If you try it and don't like if for any reason, including price, send in for the guarantee & get the full $8.99 back, even if you used a coupon.

Gilette Fusion Razor on sale for $8.99, get $4 RR
- $4 coupon from 9/28
= $.99 for a $9 razor!

Visine Eye Drops on sale 2/$8, $2 RR when you buy 2
several coupons available right now....
best coupons $3 from All You Magazine
$2 from 5/11 RP
$8- $4 (2 $2 coupons)- $2 RR=$2 for 2/ $1 each

Remember at Walgreens you can't use the RR received on this to buy another product of the same promotion, you will not get another RR if you try this.

Other good buys this week at Walgreens...

Buy 1 L'Oreal Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate, 1 oz $16.49 get a free L'Oreal eye or night cream with purchase.
- $2 coupon from 10/12
- $16.49 Walgreens rebate from EasySaver (this one is not listed in the catalog or online but is a carryover from last month that has been confirmed). If you send in for the rebate, just write it in on the form, online just enter the receipt and it should show up -I usually check the next day to be sure my items were credited correctly).
= $2 profit

PertPlus $3.49
use $2.50 coupon from EasySaver (EasySaver)
$2 coupon from this weeks paper
= $1.01 MoneyMaker

Hershey Fun Size or Snack Size Candy Bars 4/$10
-$1/2 coupon RP
- $4/4 EasySaver rebate
=4 for $4

L'Oreal Vive Pro Shampoo, Conditioner or styling products 3/$10
- $1 off coupons (3)
= 3/$7

CVS Freebie Deals good Sunday & Monday only...

These are freebies good only on Sunday & Monday... good if you have children or have friends or family with children that Trick or Treat (or go to the new Trunk or Treats)

$.99 Pumpkin Pail, get $.99 ECB (limit 2) = FREE

$1.99 Brach's Autumn Mix, Indian or Candy Corn, get $1.99 ECB (limit 2)= FREE

$.99 Funlight 6" Smartlight Flash Light, get $.99 ECB (limit 2)= FREE

I will post the rest of the goodies for the week soon.

Meijer deals... week of 10/19

Here are a few Meijer deals I've read about that might be worth looking at...

Dole salad B1G1 free (many stores have $1 off coupons in the meat department in a little food magazine they set out- I think it's called Healthy Living?).

General Mills cereals select varieties, 5 for $9
There are several coupons out for these.

Meijer Kettle Potato Chips 3 for $5
Printable coupon at Mealbox here for $1 off each one = $.67 each!
If you've never printed coupons from Mealbox before check here see where to find them-they're a bit hard to find the first time.

Knorr Sides 5 for $5
SP coupon for $.75 off of 2= $.63 each

Progresso Soup, select varieties, 8 for $10
several coupons out for these.

Heinz Gravy, 4 for $5
coupon here for $1 off of 3= $.92 each

Hunts Manwich B3 get free 8 ct pack of Aunt Millies Honey Hamburger Buns

Nestle's Evaporated Milk, 12 oz, $.99
coupon here for $1 off 2= $.50 each

Libby's Pumpkin, 29 oz, $1.98
coupon here for $1 off 2= $1.48 each

Domino Brown Sugar, light or dark, 2 lbs, 2 for $3
several coupons out for these

Dr. Pepper/7 up 2 liters, $.99
coupon at mealbox for $.50= $.49 each

Smuckers Uncrustables 1/2 price
$2.99- 1/2= $1.50
Meijer frozen foods coupon $1 off 2
SP coupon for $1/2
=$1 for 2

Freebie day at RefundCents.com

One of my favorite places to get coupon & savings information is RefundCents.com.

RefundCents is a subscription program where you can sign up for the online information where everyone shares the deals and there are always CVS & Walgreens deals laid out for the week.

It is a community really, sharing stories and tips on saving money. I love it myself!

Stop by and check it out. The subscription fees are minimal for the resources that it provides. You can choose just the online services, or get the online services & a almost monthly magazine with pictures of people with their stories and deals.

Just for Men MoneyMaker! Week of 10/19

If you haven't purchased the Just for Men Haircolor at Walgreens this week, Wait!! If you have a CVS near you you can do moneymaker. I just heard that it will be free after ECB's next week and then you can turn it in to total profit (minus your stamp of course).

Also, if you are looking for a coupon, register here at Just for Men and they will let you print a $2 coupon from their site.

Don't know CVS price, but for example
If it's $7.99
- $2 coupon
= $5.99
get $5.99 & a $7.99 ECB
You got paid $9.99 to take it home.


If you don't need the haircolor... donate it to the local shelter or a local church with an outreach program. They love it when they get free goodies and you can have them sign a receipt & save some extra $ on your taxes too.

Target Febreeze Noticeables...

This week Target has the Febreeze Noticeable Kits on sale for $5.99. There is currently a $5 coupon out from P&G making the $.99 each.

Great price for these... and they have the seasonal scents coming out as well,
including Pumpkin!

These would also make great Christmas gifts

From Roast to Veggie Soup, YUM

One thing I have always done is use leftovers to make another meal. Even before I began using coupons and working hard to stretch our dollars at the grocery I used this one and we have always loved it.

It's such a hearty combo of meals that is great for this time of the year!

Day 1
Beef Roast a little larger than what will serve your family for one meal (wait for a sale or get it at the discount rack and freeze until ready to use it)
veggies of your choice - Sometimes I just use 1 quart of tomatoes.

*When I only use tomatoes we usually have homemade mashed potatoes which we ladle the juices over, green beans, and butter bread to soak up any more juices. Yummy!

*Other times I use your typical carrots and potatoes, a few sliced onions, & sometimes a small can of tomatoes (just love'm) and serve the roast with gravy and rolls. A meal in one pot.

Place the roast and chosen veggies in a crock pot in the morning and set on low. Cook all day on low, no need to stir. In the afternoon, or if you work- when you get home, check the roast to see how it's cooking. If it is getting tender and starting to pull apart easily leave it on low to continue to cook through. If it is still firm it may be need to be either cut into two pieces if it is rather large, or turned up to high heat. If you choose to turn up the heat, be sure to check on it occasionally.

After you have eaten from this hearty meal save the leftovers to make a wonderful veggie soup.


Usually a day or two later I get the leftovers out, add some diced carrots, potatoes, cabbage or small bits of broccoli (really need a small bit of something from the cabbage family to really make this great-trust me, hubby didn't used to like cabbage and didn't like seeing it in this soup so I made it without once, he asked me what I did different because it wasn't as good that time) sliced celery, a small can of tomatoes, and if I have it I usually pour in a few frozen mixed veggies. Save any already cooked leftover veggies for the end. Really any veggies you have will work for this.

I usually put everything in a pressure cooker, leftovers from the soup (cut the meat into bite size pieces) and my fresh & frozen veggies, add beef broth (water if you don't have it) if not enough juices left- just add a little, lots of juices will come out of the the veggies. I save any other leftover veggies that I want to put into the soup until after the soup has cooked so that they don't turn to mush. I usually cook this in the pressure cooker for about 7-10 minutes after the jiggler starts (depends how big I make my veggie pieces-check your pressure cooker guidebook for your firmest veggie recommendation).

If you don't have a pressure cooker... never fear. You can use your crock pot or just a pot on the stove for this as well. To use your crock pot, just place all of your ingredients in in the AM, set on low and check the veggies as you get close to dinner time. For a pot, place ingredients in pot together and simmer until veggies reach desired tenderness. Add beef broth/water if needed to reach desired thickness. We like a hearty soup so add very little liquid to ours.
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