Formula for Pennies....

I didn't use much formula with my child because I chose to breastfeed my little guy. We did have to supplement with a little formula when he got older and I was working and couldn't keep up the supply. I remember signing up for all the new baby deals and getting lots of coupons and a few samples. I did use the formula coupons a few times, but wasn't on the coupon scene fully at that point so I never found where the best savings were for formulas.

You can sign up to be on mailing lists for Enfamil, Similac and Good Start and they all send out coupons if you're on their list. I do remember getting bombarded with coupons!

Stacey at Frugal, Faith & Family has a good blog explaining where to get the best buys on formula these days. If you're at this point in life and formula is a necessity, please check out her post. It could save you bundles. Thanks Stacey!

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