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Ink Garden

Ok... so they're not totally free... but you only pay shipping which is under $5.  Plus... unlike one of their competitors, you can choose to have double sided with color and they offer loads of customization for free.

I'm always one for a good deal on something that I need... and currently that is business cards.   Starting a new business requires that.  It's a little weird scrambling for a piece of paper to put your information on for someone.  Not too professional!

I have a couple of designs saved at another site I often use for that I thought I might use, but then I came across Ink Garden and thought I might give them a try. 

Ink Garden has some really cute designs that are fun just to look through.  I might even consider just getting some personal cards as well so I have a few handy in the event that I need to give someone my phone number, etc.  Saves the searching for something to write on again, and puts the other person in charge of getting back with me... something I'm not always good at doing.

Here are some fun examples....


I'm going to get a couple of designs ready to show Hubby and will likely be ordering from them with this deal.  Love the choices that they offer and I've always wanted to add something nice to the back of the card as well to give it an even higher quality look.

If you want to give them a try too... 
  • Go to InkGarden 
  • Choose a business card design that you like and have fun customizing it.  
  • Use promo code 100FREE for regular cards, or promo code: 100FREE2 if you are ordering double sided cards.
  • You pay shipping, which should be under $5.... much less than you would pay for a pack of business cards at Walmart that you would have to take home and print.
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