Peppermint Mocha

It's getting cold here
& I'm ready for some yummy and warm treats & eats.

Here's something that I've grown to love that I learned from a dear friend I used to work with.
Thanks K! Love it!!- Still have your syrup by the way... want it back??

I love hot beverages in the winter, everything from coffee (which you've heard me talk about already this season-with peppermint mocha creamer non the less), to teas and hot cocoa. They have a way of warming you from the inside out and warm your hands at the same time.

This is a simple addition to your standard hot chocolate mix that makes it taste coffee shop worthy... Really!

Make a cup of your favorite hot chocolate mix and add a small amount of peppermint syrup- the same kind you get for your coffee that I talked about it here recently. Stir & Enjoy!

I sometimes add a little extra water to the mix since the syrup is sweet too... makes a bigger cup that way too!

You could try other flavors too!
Peppermint makes me think Christmas.... Helps me get in the mood for it!

If you have a simple heart warming recipe you'd like to share with me just leave a comment or a link to your blog post.

If you leave a link to your blog I'll then make a post with a link to your blog... hopefully I'll have a chance to try it and leave my review of it too.

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