Save Money at Theme Parks..

Summer is almost over, but the theme parks are still going strong!

Hubby and I are taking the little guy to Holiday World this weekend and it struck me.. I always look for a discount wherever we go, but many people really do that?

Theme parks offer discounts in various ways....

  • Hubby was able to get a discount coupon for Holiday World from his employer.
  • You can often get a discount for various theme parks if you're a member of AAA.
  • Check you Entertainment Book if the park is relatively local, you may find a discount there as well. The best deal on these right now is through Cashbaq.
  • If you purchase your tickets online, you may save vs. buying them at the gate.
  • Do a search online for discounts for the park you will be visiting. Sometime you can find information about various ways to save at a particular park.
  • Keep your eyes open during the summer.. You might just find discount coupons at a store or restaurant. I recently saw 40% off coupons at my local Wendy's for King's Island. Pick a few up just in case you or someone you know could use them.

Hubby's learned through the years too to pay attention... he had heard a few people at work talking about having been to Holiday World recently, so he asked them later about the pricing. He found out that you can potentially save money if you buy a one day ticket and later upgrade vs. buying a two day ticket when you get there.

I also plan to save on food while we are there...

  • I plan to make breakfast in the mornings, and bring sandwiches for our lunches.
  • I printed out the menus for the park to take with us so we can make an good decisions when we do eat in the park. This may save us money and time... No wondering around the park trying to decide what to eat. Hubby and I often order one meal and split the sides (if there are any) at theme parks to save on cost.
  • I did a search on to find out if there were any local restaurants for a nice dinner away from the park. Love'm!! Great time to buy... right now they are offering 80% off!! See how it works here.

Watch out for hidden expenses...

Many theme parks charge for parking, lockers, strollers, etc. Make sure you plan for these expenses.

One park we visited a few years ago charged you parking every time you came and let... at a whopping $12 fee each time!! Really!!

We are looking forward to our trip away,
and know we're getting the best deal we can.

You can do this with any theme park...

Spend a little time and do your research before you make any purchases to be sure you get the best deal out there.... You'll be glad you did!

Have Fun!!


Yoly said...

Twitter is an excellent tool to grab theme park sales. I was planning on taking my sisters to Six Flags and knew that the cheapest price was $29.99. I was able to snatch them for just $15 thanks to a twitter sale.

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Dang, Woman!!

I'm totally bookmarking your site!

Glad to be here from the Blog Hop!!

Melissa said...

All good tips! We love, too!

Stopping by on the Blog Hop!

Andrea said...

Holiday World is not far from me. They are great because they offer free unlimited drinks and sunscreen. I hope you have a blast!!

Paula Werne, Holiday World said...

Just wanted to hop on and clarify that at Holiday World, our Next Day tickets are the same price ($20) whether purchased at the same time as the Day 1 tickets, or before leaving the park on Day 1. So you'll save *time* if you buy two-day tix at the same time.

Thanks for mentioning our free soft drinks and free sunscreen -- we have free parking, too!

Hope you enjoy your visit!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for all the theme park tips. I don't think we will be visiting any this year but these are great tips to keep in mind!

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