80% off!! Last Day...

Just a reminder....

Final day to get 80% off !!

Code makes a $25 Gift Certificate only $2
Love it when they have these deals!

Expires: 4/30/09

Also... use Ebates and get 15% back on your purchase at

Check out my post here about why I love

Free CroisSonic...

What's a CroisSonic anyway?

It's a new croissant breakfast sandwich with your choice of bacon or sausage with egg and melted American cheese ... made by none other than Sonic.

Now you can get one free with the purchase of a large drink and a coupon. Go here and enter your email address to get your coupon.

As always when you sign up for freebies, it's a good idea to use a "junk" email address... one you don't use for important things, as they often send you later promotions.

Thanks BargainMoms for posting about this deal!

Tuesday's shopping trip...

I made it to 3 stores Tuesday and did ok...

The grocery deals are just not great right now, but the pantry is more than full,
so I'm ok with that.

Spent $9.73
Saved $14.98

Spent $0 ($7.91 on gift card)
Rebate $1.25
(rebate on Auro-Dry which was on clearance..
making it free!)

Spent $1.59 (forgot to use gift card)
Saved $30.39

Totals for Tuesday....
Spent $11.32
Saved $92.05
Rebates $1.25

Additional CVS deal...

This week at CVS there is another deal that wasn't advertised.
I happened upon it shopping CVS yesterday.

Zooth Toothbrushes $1.99, get $1 ECB (limit 1)
Buy any 2 Zooth toothbrushes
-$B1G1 Free coupon PG 4/5
= Pay $1.99 get $2 ECB, or Free

My CVS also had
some clearance kids paints and letters, so be on the lookout for those.

Gevalia Mother's Day Offer...

Wondering What To Get Mom This Mother's Day?

Does your mom love Coffee??

The "Just for Mom" coffee gift set will make her day...and maybe even her year!

Choose to give her a one time gift, or sign her up to get coffee delivered to her all year... your choice.


Get her a free Stainless Steel Coffeemaker and scoop for

I love their coffees! Creme' Brulee is yum!!

Planting potatoes...

Potatoes are a relatively easy crop to grow. Hubby and I planted 3 varieties last year and had a good crop that lasted us a good part of the winter.

Potatoes are also an inexpensive plant to grow. You can find potato seeds, which basically look like little potatoes at most hardware and garden stores. All you need for each plant is a small portion of the seed and an "eye" of the potato. You can buy some of the larger seeds and cut them so that each one has an "eye" and they should all grow just fine.

They say it is not advisable to use "seeds" from your own potatoes year after year, because they can become prone to disease if done too frequently. Hubby and I did do this year because we had no trouble with our plants last year and sometimes I think recommendations are not always set in stone. They want to sell me more "seeds".

They also say you shouldn't use potatoes from the grocery store to use as seeds because they can have disease or viruses that don't have to be disclosed to the public.... comforting isn't it?

After you've selected the variety of potatoes you'd like to grow (I love red and golden-yum), and made your purchase of seed, you need to let them sit for several days in a well lit area to give them a chance to sprout... this will speed their start.

You also need to find a suitable place to plant them. Potatoes need moist, loose soil for best results, and do better in milder temperatures so will usually do better with a start in the spring.

Dig a trench 6-8 inches deep and bury the seeds from 10-12 inches apart. Don't worry about which direction is up, the seeds will get their start no matter the direction you plant them. You will likely notice the plants peeking through the surface in about 2 weeks.

After the plants begin to produce a nice amount of folage, it's a good idea to start mounding some extra dirt up around the plant. The potato crop actually grows in the soil between the seed and the folage of the plant, so by adding extra dirt or straw, you add growing space for your crop.

If your potatoes begin to peak through the soil, add some dirt or straw on top of them. Potatoes that are exposed to sunlight while growing turn green, hard, and don't taste good.

You can begin to harvest at any point that you want. Simply dig along side one of your plants to check for size to determine if they are ready for harvest. The exact time of harvest is up to you. Do you want young, baby potatoes? Harvest early. A large, meaty potato? Harvest later after the vines have died off.

Store your potatoes in a cool, moist, and dark area. Generally 38-40 degrees is ideal.

Enjoy your bounty!

Free Pasta Bowl...

Tomorrow, April 29th, at participating Dominoes
you can get a free Breadbowl Pasta from 11AM-2PM.

You may want to call ahead to see if your local store is participating.

I have to say, these are not for the dieter or those trying to avoid carbs!

Free T-Shirt....

I don't know about you, but this looks like fun!

VistaPrint is offering a free personalized t-shirt right now. All you pay is shipping and handling which is usually very reasonable with them.

Want to make a fun t-shirt for yourself or someone you know? Have a business to promote? Here's your chance to have fun and be creative.

Check them out here. Don't know how long these will last!

I've purchased some of their business cards before and have been happy with their products.

Rite Aid 101... Guest Post

I don't live in an area where I have easy access to a Rite Aid, so I asked here for someone who would be willing to share what the know about shopping Rite Aid.

I'm happy to say that Elise, an avid organizer who lives in Ohio with her family, has given us a great resource for learning to shop at Rite Aid. You can find Elise over at Organizing for Everyone. Be sure to visit her as she has lots of great organazing & frugal tips to share! Thanks Elise!


Shopping at Rite Aid can be a great way to snag free
or low cost items to add to your stockpile of frequently used items.


In my deal shopping, I’ve learned a few tricks for making the most of your Rite Aid experience. 

Each month, Rite Aid publishes a circular of items you can purchase and then submit your receipt to receive a rebate. Sometimes the item is free after rebate, other times you just get back a portion of the purchase price. You can use a manufacturer’s coupon when purchasing these items, though, so you can often get them for free or cheap (or even make money on them when they’re free after rebate) when you use a coupon and then submit for the rebate. 

Also watch for sales - an item that isn’t free after rebate might go on sale that month, making it free after rebate. This catalog is similar in size and look to a weekly store circular -- don’t be confused if you’re familiar with Walgreens’ rebate program, since their monthly rebate catalog is significantly smaller in size than Rite Aid’s. The circulars are usually located at the front of the store. 

Rite Aid offers a Single Check Rebate each month, so don’t ask for your rebate before the end of the month.

Once you request the rebate you cannot submit any more receipts for that month. You can request your rebate either by snail mail or online. Even though you don’t want to request your rebate until the monthly rebate period has ended, you can enter your receipt information online throughout the month. I like to do that so I don’t lose a receipt or forget to input one if I have a stack of them at the end of the month. And look for deadline dates -- after a certain point you can no longer receive rebates for past month’s purchases. 

Be sure to get the Rite Aid sales ad each week.
It’s often in the Sunday paper and in some areas it’s mailed to residential addresses. If you don’t get it one of those ways, you can find it at the front of the store. The ad will tell you what’s on sale that week so you can check through your coupons and see if you can get any good deals.

There are usually store coupons in the ad, as well. These can be combined with manufacturer’s coupons, meaning you might be able to get the item free or for a very low cost. Beware of the fine print about savings in the ad, however. The ads often state the sale price of an item, then subtracts an amount and then lists the final price. It LOOKS like the item is on sale for that final price when in reality, next to the amount subtracted, it says something like “after manufacturer’s coupon in many Sunday papers.” What initially looks like a great deal combined with the manufacturer’s coupon in your file box really isn’t when you realize they’re simply subtracting that coupon for you.

Rite Aid will accept internet coupons up to the equivalent value of $5 off.
No more than one internet coupon is permitted per sale transaction. Internet coupons must have a valid barcode that scans successfully into the register; manual entry is not permitted.

At times, they offer a $5 off a $25 purchase coupon so keep your eyes open for those. You can get one for signing up for -- you get $50 in Rite Aid coupons for signing up and one of them is the $5 off a $25 purchase. It’s free to register for 

Always check a few frugal blogs that detail Rite Aid deals for the week before heading out to shop. They might spot a deal you didn’t see or know of a coupon you might have missed. 

And lastly, in my area at least, Rite Aid is almost always located across the street from a Walgreens. If I stop at both in one trip, I maximize my savings as well as save time and gas.

Elise over at Organizing for Everyone wrote to tell me that some things have changed with Rite Aid.  I still don't have one in my area, so it's harder for me to keep up on their details.  Elise noted that DealSeekingMom has all of RiteAid's policies in a printable format here.  Thanks again Elise!

Kohl's Discount Code...

Kohl's has a discount code good through tomorrow, April 28th!

Shop today, April 27th and get $10 back for every $50 you spend!

Combine the savings!!

15% Off at

Some current sales to consider... good through April 28th...

45-60% Off Selected SONOMA life + style Sportswear

50-65% Off Selected Athletic Apparel & Knit Tops

50-60% Off Selected Handbags & Wallets

55-60% Off Selected Summer Living Outdoor Furniture & Decor

Bonus Buy 30-50% Off Selected Athletic Shoes for the Family

Bonus Buy 20-35% Entire Stock Kitchen Electrics

Gold Star Clearance

Free shipping for Kohl's Card Members
Use code: MVC1885 80% off!! Take advantage!!

Currently get 80% off !!
This doesn't happen very often!

Code makes a $25 Gift Certificate only $2
Love it when they have these deals!

Expires: 4/30/09

You only have 3 days to get in on this deal

One of the best ways to use this code is to purchase a Dinner of the Month Club!
For $12 you get 6 $25 gift certificates ... Plus a free additional $25 gift certificate. Each month you get to pick and print a certificate of your choice for the duration of your package. Each certificate is good for a year after purchase.

You can even use them on vacation!

Also... use Ebates and get 15% back on your purchase at

Check out my post here about why I love

Meijer Deals 4/26-5/2...

Here's the scoop on Meijer this week, April 26-May 2nd.

Hope you find something that helps you!
Did I miss something? Let me know.

My Meijer doubles coupons up to $.50, so my prices reflect that.
Please take note if your stores policy is different.

Meijer is having a big store brand sale this week, which makes the savings minimal... Hopefully there is still something good to be found!

They are doing buy 10, get the 11th free this week, but no coupon matches to be found since all the products in the deal are Meijer brand. Find your local ad here.

Meijer Mac & Cheese $.40
Meijer Pasta $.50
Meijer Canned Veggies $.60
Meijer Milk $1.98
Meijer Eggs, lrg dozen $.98
Meijer Whole Chicken $.98lb
Meijer Butter $1.79
Meijer Bacon $2

Bi-Color Sweet Corn $.19 each
White Sweet Onions $.69
Roma Tomatoes $.99lb
Dole Classic Salad $.99
Blackberries $1

Meijer Self Rising Pizzas 3/$9.99

Meijer Chunky/Homestyle Soup $1.25
-$.50 Meijer Mealbox
=$.75 each

Meijer Mayo $3
-$.50 Meijer Mealbox
=$2.50 each

Kellogg's Poptarts 8 ct. 3/$5
Buy 2
-$1/2 RP 4/5
=$1.17 each
(look for specially marked packages with movie pass promotion)

Colgate Wisps 4 ct 3/$5
-$.50 SS 4/19
=$.67 each

New to shopping Meijer? Having trouble printing Meijer Mealbox coupons?
Check out Meijer 101.

CVS Deals 4/26-5/2...

Here are the best deals I've noticed for CVS this week, April 26-May 2nd.
Notice another? Let me know.

I recently got a $5 off of $30 coupon and a $10 off of $100 at the price scanner. Others have noted similar coupons popping up again... these have been rare lately. Be sure to look for these to make the deals even better... and remeber, if you use one of these coupons.. use it first, before your other coupons to be sure it scans properly.

Garnier Fructis Shampoo/Conditioner/Styler $2.99, get $2 ECB (limit 1)

-$1 RP 1/4

Rimmel Mascara B1G1 Free
Buy 2
-B1G1 Free coupon April All You Magazine

Crest Cavity, Tarter Control, or Baking Peroxide Toothpaste $1.99, get $1 ECB (limit 2)
-$.75 PG 4/5
=$.24 each

Schick Intuition Razor $8.99, get $4 ECB (limit 1)
-$4 SS 4/26

V8 Splash $2.99, Buy 2 get $2 E
LinkCB (limit 1)
Buy 2, use 2 coupons
-$1 coupon (use link above)
=$.99 each

Edy's Maxx Ice Cream 16 oz $2
-$1 coupon at some CVS stores
=$1 each

Don't forget about the April MoneyMaker deal!

For more deals this week, check out
IheartCVS and TheThriftyMomma

New to CVS? Check out CVS 101.

Kmart Sales 4/26-5/2...

Save $5 off $50 with coupon code KWELCOME628 expires 5/2

There are several Kmart sales going on this week
worth mentioning...

50% off Men's Swimwear

Buy One, Get One 50% off Shoes for the Family

40% off Handbags & Accessories

30% off Small Wonders & Wonder Kids Apparel & Sleepwear, plus free shipping

Licensed Toddler Beds on Sale
Save up to 30% off Kids Bedding and Bath

Buy One, Get One 50% off Cosco High-Rise Booster Seats

Nextar GPS on Sale $99.99 after $20 mail-in

Save $100 on 12 ft Trampoline with enclosure

Free shipping on all mailable orders over $60

Save up to 70% on Jewelry, plus Free Shipping on orders $60 and more for Mom!

Christopher and Banks Discounts...

Shop Misses & Petite Apparel at!

I don' t see very many discounts for Christopher and Banks,
but they have one right now...

Free Shipping on Orders Of $50 Or More through 5.31.09.

and right now..

Get $25 Off $100 + Free Eco-Friendly Bag

Vera Bradley Free Shipping...

Vera Bradley Designs, Inc.

Free shipping from Vera Bradley
Just in time for Mother's Day. Ends May 6.

Still need to shop for Mother's Day?
It's coming fast!!

Palmolive Pure & Clear Review...

Since I've been couponing, I'm always trying new products.
So I thought I start doing a few reviews of those products.

Palmolive Pure & Clear was sent to me free from BzzAgent. BzzAgent sends products out for their members to try and then when you've sampled them, you are supposed to spread the word... or create Bzz about them.

But, enough about BzzAgent!

I was sent Palmolive Pure & Clear about a month ago and have been using it since them. I have a dishwasher, so I don't use it on everything, but I have several things that I choose to wash by hand, as well as countertops and the like that I've used this on.

First off, I have to say I love the scent. I have the Spring Fresh scent at my kitchen sink. It doesn't smell like your typical dish detergent. It has a lite, clean fragrance without the "kitchen soap" odor.

It cleans well, and suds as well or better than other dish detergents that I've used before & the bottle is just cute. It's got a sleek, clean design that says it's trendy and earth friendly.

Overall, I have to say I like Palmolive's new creation and would purchase it, and probably will. I have seen a Try Me Free rebate floating around for this. There is also a coupon on the Palmolive website for $.75 off one.

If you think you might like to try BzzAgent,
let me know and I'd be happy to send you an invite.

Year to date Savings....

Here's the breakdown of my year to date savings...

Still in awe of the amount saved!
(It doesn't include rebate amounts either)

Spent $758.51

Saved $2262.44

Rebates $103.44

Overage $164.84
(weekly budget is $60)

Sears Super Saturday Sale!!!...

Sears is having a Super Saturday Sale...

Save 70% off on select Mother's Day Jewelry Items

Use code: MOTHERSDAY70 at checkout
Code good 4/19-5/10
Sale is good all day.... special Doorbusters from 9am-12pm

20% off all Craftsman Lawn & Garden, Outdoor Storage, Garden Oasis Patio Sets & Kenmore Grills

Up to 50% off Apparel + FREE SHIPPING over $79

Have you gotten anything for Mom for Mother's Day yet? Need some new tools? Ready for Spring?

Cricut deals...

Into the crafting thing I guess... Here's a good deal on some of the Cricut supplies.

My best friend is looking at buying the Cricut and has got me interested in it....
Thanks Jill :)

So... I've started looking at some of the items that go with the Cricut, and came across some sales on Amazon that looked like good buys. Sorry to tempt you Jill, but you got me started.

Cricut 29-0591 Wild Card Cartridge - Reg. $89.99, sale $46.95
Makes a variety of cards & designs... cute. One I'd love to have being a card-maker myself.

Cricut 29-0422 Strech Your Imagination Cartridge Reg. $89.99, sale $42.49
Cute cartridge with lots of images. Your imagination is the limit with this one.

Cricut 29-0500 Designstudio Software Reg. $89.99, reg. 52.04
This software is the berries. Put all of your Cricut cartridges to use in one place and manipulate them in size and shape any way you want before cutting.

Provo Craft 29-0300 Cricut Expression 24-Inch Personal Electronic Cutting Machine
Reg. $499.99, sale $291.47
The Cricut Machine itself is on sale too! There are different models available, so do your research before making the purchase.

Anyone have one? Tell me what you think about it!

Walgreens 4/26-5/2...

There are 4 products free after RR this week!

They may be getting rid of the EasySaver Catalog... seems official as of May 1,
but that's ok with me if they keep up the good RR's!

Nivea Body Wash $4.99, get $4.99 RR
-$1 RP 4/19
-$1 coupon
= $1 Profit

Ecotrin 45 ct $2, get $2 RR
-$1 SS 1/25
=$1 profit

Bayer Quick Release Crystals $2.49, get $2.49 RR

Rembrant Toothpaste or Mouthwash $5.99. get $5.99 RR

Possible Scenario..
Transaction #1
Buy Rembrant Toothpaste or Mouthwash $5.99
= $5.99, get $5.99 (use previous weeks RR if you have one)

Transaction #2
Buy a Nivea Bodywash $4.99 + Ecotrin $2
-$1 coupon
-$1 coupon
=$4.99, get $4.99 RR + $2 RR

Transaction #3
Buy Bayer Crystals $2.49 + Ecotrin $2= $4.29
-$1 Ecotrin coupon
Buy filler, gallon of milk?, to reach $4.99
-$4.99 RR = Free/cost of filler, get $2.49 RR + still have $2 RR

Paid $5.99 for Rembrant, Bayer Crystals, 2 Ecotrin and a gallon of milk.
Still have $2.49 RR + $2 RR.
$5.99-$4.49=$1.50 actually spent

Other deals...

Contour Glucose Monitors $14.99, get $5 RR
-$30 SS 2/1, 3/22
= Free + $5 RR, or $5 profit

Rimmel Makeup B1G1 Free
Buy 2 Mascara
-B1G1 Free Mascara coupon All You Magazine

= 2 Free Mascaras

Listerine Mouthwash $4, get $4 RR wyb 2
Buy 2, use 2 coupons
-$2 RP 2/8
-$2 coupon


Suave Hair Care 3/$5, get $2 RR wyb 2
-$1.75/3 RP 3/1
=$.42 each

Scotch Packaging Paper $.99 with in ad coupon
-$.50 RP 4/19
=$.49 each

Dove Deoderant $1.99 with in ad coupon
-$1 RP 3/15

Trident Gum 3 pack, or Trident White 2/$4
-$1 SS 3/8
=$1 each

Starbucks Pint Ice Cream $3
-$1 coupon
= $2 each

New to Walgreens? Check out Walgreens 101!

Thanks to IheartWalgreens for posting the deals this week.

Bath & Body Works Coupon....

Bath & Body Works

Buy any item, get Free lip product.
You can buy anything to get the freebie... even a clearanced item!

Just read about this one... Get it fast!
They always have a limited number and don't last long!

Coupon expires April 26th!

Thanks MoneySavingMom for posting!

Diamond Glaze Sale...

Attention all you crafters....

Amazon has Diamond Glaze on Sale right now!

10 oz with applicator for $11.05
Reg. $16.29

Don't know what diamond glaze is? It's a great sealer that you can use on top of an entire project for a nice gloss finish, or you can use on just an area of a craft or photo for a 3-dimensional look... so cool!

I have a small bottle and love it!
Check it out.

Thursday's deals & Weekly Totals...

Here are my shopping deals from
Thursday, April 23rd...


Spent $26.78
Saved $28.79


Weekly totals

Spent $41.01
Saved $82.73
Rebates $0


Budget $60-$41.01 = $18.99 Overage


What is your budget? How did you do?

The Discover Card that really pays you back...

Get $50 Cash Back from Discover!

Update... there are coupons now for those with Discover cards!!
They are good on any item purchased with the Discover card. There are some exceptions, but great for those items you never find coupons for!

I've never mentioned a credit card before, not particularly fond of promoting them as many people don't know how to use them and get themselves into financial trouble when they have them.

I came across this deal, however and decided to pass the information on for those responsible with credit cards.. you know if you qualify.

This card pays you $50 Cashback when you spend $500 in the first 3 months of being a cardholder.

The card also gives you up to 5% Cashback in qualifying purchases.

See link above for more on image.

Might be a card to sign up for if you know you are going to be making a big purchase around $500 in the next few months anyway, like summer vacation.

Freebie Fridays....

Another list of Free goodies...

I've begun posting what freebies I've found on Friday in an effort to consolidate them into one post.
If I find a great new one during the week that I think will be limited I will certainly post it then as well.

Home Depot Do It Herself Workshop
Wish there was a Home Depot closer to me...
I'd have to check this one out for sure!

Prilosec OTC
Free sample of Prilosec OTC

Free trial pair of Acuvue Oasys Contacts

Get the Official Nascar Toolbar - you could win a $100,000 and a trip to Nascar Sprint Cup Series Champions Week! Click Here

Information Kit on Tempur-Pedic Beds.
Ever wonder what they felt like?
They send a sample of the material they make them out of.

This one's still going...
don't miss it!

And of course... don't forget Walmart always has free samples on their site too.
Currently offering Zyrtec, Better Than Ears Dog Treats, Huggies, Prilosec OTC, John Freida Hair Care, Always, Aveeno & GoodNites.

Buy gift certificates for Alice through Swagbucks!
See my Swagbuck points & info below

My Current SwagBucks!