Pinecone Research...

If you've never been a member of a research company,
here's one you might want to try...

Pinecone Research pays $3 for each survey that you qualify for and complete, they also enter you into sweepstakes. I've tried several survey companies only to find out that I would normally get through the pre-question part of a survey and never qualify. At Pinecone Research I qualify much of the time and the surveys are easy, although sometimes asking repetitive information which can get annoying.

They are a reputable company that pays either by check or Paypal and there is no minimum account balance before they pay you, they pay after each survey you complete.

The difficult thing about Pinecone is getting in. They rarely put out an advertisement online looking for more participants, and you have to know where to find these.

Right now they are offering current members the opportunity to invite friends and family to participate. Since I'm a current member of Pinecone, I have the ability to invite you to be a part of Pinecone Research.

Want to get started?

Here's a link to their registration pageKeep in mind that only one person per household/address can register.   You'll want to hurry too...  they often have a limited number of spaces available and they fill up quickly!


I've been away for some time, I know.  
Life has proved to be crazy and I have chosen family time over blogging time.  

I'm still doing deals myself and hope to pick up and start at posting some here again, time permitting. 

I also may share a bit more crafting, gardening, and some of our family adventures here as well.  Posting just deals has gotten a bit boring for me which is probably another reason my blog posting has slipped in the recent weeks. 

Please check back to see what's going on... I'd love to have your continued visits!
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