Free Books for Kindle on Amazon....

I have an ipod and have found that having a book on it is nice for when I get stuck somewhere waiting on something.  I'm not one to go spend $14 on an electronic book and the small format of the ipod isn't the most desirable as far as reading goes.  I do like to have the ability to have something to do while I'm waiting for my son's school to let out and I have a few minutes, etc.

I've recently found that Amazon has a decent variety of free books you can download.  You can use your Kindle, ipad, ipod and/or droids with a free Kindle app that all of the devices offer....

Click on the image at the bottom of the post to get the required Kindle app for your device.

I have downloaded a few freebies for my husbands ipad- he's not much of a reader but I've found a few kids books I thought would be fun for my son, and several books for myself that I've enjoyed... including a small cookbook... Circle of Friends Slowcooker recipes (which is not free at the moment).  However.... Circle of Friends Cookbook Burger Recipes is... Yum!

There are a couple of ways to go about finding the free books 
on Amazon to download.

-The first is to go to the Kindle eBook Page and look to the right side of the page to find the "Top 100 Free".

-The second option is to go to the same Kindle eBook Page and type in the kind of book you are looking for.  For example... type in 'christian romance' and hit the "go" button.  Once you've reached that page... look to the right and you will see a drop down bar.  Go there and select Sort by: Price Low to High.   This way you get a list of all the books they offer in that category in order by price.

Do be aware that sometimes the free books they offer are the first of a series that snag you at the end and make you want to read more.  I'm willing to check out the next book at the library if I liked the first book enough, or hunt for it used on Amazon and finish the series in paper books at home.  If you're an avid ebook reader you might watch to see what the prices for the rest of the books in the series are before you get hooked on a series.

Also, you will find some of the freebies are previews of a book.  I watch for this too and find I am more willing to read a full book than just a few chapters that are likely going to make me want to buy or check out that book too.

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