Coupons 101

This is a subject that gets me excited!

Coupons are a big help to gaining real savings while shopping for groceries and household supplies. When you get one you may think it's only worth a few cents, but think again.

Be on the hunt for coupons!

I recommend starting with 2 Sunday newspapers (usually larger ones have more & better coupons) a week so you can purchase 2 of most of the good deals you find.

Ask friends and family for their extra... you won't believe how many are thrown out every week.

Use those coupons on sale items!
If you combine that coupon with a sale on something you would be purchasing anyway, you've done even better with your money. If your store doubles or triples the value of a coupon you can do even better.

Know your stores & their coupon policies.
The best way to find out how your store handles coupons is to look at the back page of the flier, oftentimes at the bottom of the page, or just ask them. Some double & triple coupons.. it's good to know which do and don't do this in your area to maximize your savings.

Some stores will price match. If a competing store has the same product on sale, they will match that price to get your business.

Stockpile! Stockpile! Stockpile!
Don't wait until you need something to buy it, but it when it's on sale. Better yet, buy it when it's on sale and you have a coupon. Buy more than one... a 3 month supply is a good rule of thumb when you get started.
  • Even if you don't use coupons, stockpiling items on sale can save you big bucks!!

I have saved thousands in 2-3 years or so that I have been doing this!

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