Shopping Kroger...

How to shop Kroger

Krogers sales vary by region, some regions even start their sales on different days of the week. When looking for deals online for your Kroger store, know your region, or at least have the ad in front of you to compare the deals.

You must sign up for a Kroger Rewards Card!
You will not get the promotional/sale prices without it!

Know your stores coupon policy.
Mine doubles 2 like coupons up to $.50 each.
Ex. A $.50 coupon is worth $1, and a $.55 coupon is worth $.55

Locally, if I have more than 2 like coupons that are $.50 or less, they may or may not double depending on the register and your cashier. Some cashiers double everything below the $.50 for me.

Watch the front of the add for "Door Busters"
Kroger often puts their best deals on the front page of their ad to get you in the door. Often times these are things you should be stocking up on when they are items you will use.

Use your coupons
Most Krogers accept newspaper, internet printed coupons, store coupons and eCoupons.


What are eCoupons?
eCoupons are Coupons loaded to your stores rewards card
There are now 4 sites where you can load eCoupons onto your card. Use the link to the left. - This one doesn't take the $ off your total at the register, instead adds the value of the coupon to a savings account meant for college for the person of your choice.

The great thing about eCoupons, besides the fact that you don't have to cut and sort them, is that you can use a paper coupon with them! If you have a paper coupon for a product and you have signed up for an eCoupon, both will come off of your total for a combination of savings.

Kroger also offers rewards towards fuel when you purchase a qualifying amount of groceries a month, Rx savings, and a Mastercard that gives you a percentage back on purchases.

Always check for great printable coupons before shopping. I will note that one of my local stores does not accept printable coupons, so be aware of your's stores coupon policies before you go.

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