Meijer... mperks Program

If you ever shop at Meijer, you should join their new mperks program!
They have great coupons & it's easy to use.

mperks works like the electronic coupons in that you sign up online and log-in to access the coupons that you want.  Instead of loading them to your store card, they ask you for your cell phone number.  Because of this, you do have to have a phone that works with texting. 

After you've signed up, loaded your coupons, it's time to go shopping.  When you get to the checkout, you enter your cell phone number at the touchscreen (assuming you use the self check out lane) and it will automatically apply any coupons that work with your purchased items.

So far I've enjoyed getting some great discounts.  You can print your coupon list, or email it to yourself to carry with you if your phone has email capabilities.  I tend to just load the coupons I think I might use, carry my coupon box with me for my paper coupons, and just get the savings if I happen to buy those items on my list.

I have been pleasantly surprised with the program recently.  I hadn't loaded coupons in awhile and got a text message from the program saying there were two great coupons available for me.  One was something like $10 off of $80, the other $5 off of your next purchase.  I loaded them and went shopping a few days later.  To my surprise it took off both coupons since my initial total was over $80.

I've since gotten an email telling me that there was another similar coupon available to me!  It's like free grocery money!

When I first signed up I was afraid I'd get multiple texts from them, but I've been pleasantly surprised that I only get a few & they are worth knowing about usually.

I haven't yet tried to use the program through a regular checkout lane, but assume that you would just have to tell the cashier you wanted to use your mperks.  Will have to do that soon.

Don't forget to check out their mealbox coupons as well before you go shopping at Meijer for even more coupons you can use there.  These coupons can be used with other manufacturer coupons, or stacked.  Check out the Meijer 101 to the right for details in how they work.

Want even more coupons for Meijer?  Check out their partnership with Coupon Cabin  and get even more for your shopping there.

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