Earning $ at CVS....

CVS is one of my favorite places to shop for free...
Hubby has been known to call it legalized stealing!

You all know about ECB's at CVS and how they work... if you don't check out CVS 101 here.

There is yet another way to earn $ through CVS, & I'm not speaking of prescription transfers (which are great too if you can find the coupons to do it).

Check out the CVS advisor site and sign up to be an advisor for them. They will send the occasional survey to get your opinions on anything from a product in their store, to how the store's laid out, to how knowledgable the staff is. Usually the reward for filling out the survey is a $10 ECB that prints on one of your visits later (at the end of the survey they tell you when to expect your reward to print).

I have probably been signed up on the advisor site for about a year and have received 3-4 surveys with a $10 ECB reward each. Not a great amount of money, but for a small amount of time and effort it's a nice bonus & as CVS goes, it can be stretched a long way! I have always received my reward when expected, and I don't get spam from it, so it's a way to occasionally get bonus CVS $.

Check it out here.

CVS this week...

I've not been able to get my hands on an add yet this week
... the newspaper failed to deliver my papers on Sunday... UGH!! I'm calling them to find out what happened. I did manage to find papers in town, but no CVS advertisement for some unknown reason....

So I'm counting on everyone else to show me the deals...

Most of you have probably linked to a page before, but in case you haven't please post the link to your CVS deals for this week only so everyone can benefit.

I will pick my favorite and display it in another post for all to recognize.

Thanks for your help on this one!

Loving Amazon!!

Amazon keeps offering great deals that I can't help but tell you about.

Here's yet another...

Select Home and Garden product are on sale Buy 3 get the 4th one free.... purchase items that are already on sale, get the free one... & if the items are Prime get free shipping to boot! (free one will be the cheapest item).

Buy 4 Items for the Price of 3

To take advantage of this promotion, follow these steps:

1. Add at least 4 eligible items to your Shopping Cart. Eligible items will have a message such as "This item is eligible for our Buy 4 items for the Price of 3 Sale" on the product detail page.
2. Proceed to checkout. When you're done shopping on our site, click the "Proceed to checkout" button in the Shopping Cart. Your shopping cart should include at least four qualifying items during the checkout process to qualify for this promotion. Additional conditions are listed below.
3. On the final checkout page, we will discount the lowest-priced item. A promotion credit for the amount of the lowest-priced item will appear in the upper right corner of your Order Summary during the checkout process. If you use 1-Click® ordering, the promotion will be automatically applied.

Here are a few things I've found of interest, but there are many more!

To check out all of the available items just click on one of my links which will take you to Amazon and make sure you are on the home page... click on Amazon in the left corner if you're not sure. Then on the left side you will see a list of departments. Move you cursor over Home & Garden and "Kitchen & Dining" will pop up.. select it. You will then be taken to the page describing the deals and given the opportunity to select "4 for 3 Offers" so you can browse the items available.

There are lots of things to choose from and this is a great promotion to jump start your, dare I say it... Christmas Shopping!

Don't forget to sign up for Amazon Prime if your items qualify for it... it equals free 2 day shipping on lots of items. Check it out here...

Amazon Shoe Sale...Stride Rite!

Extra... Extra... Absolutely Awesome deal on Stride Rite Shoes on Amazon!!!

Several infant and toddlers shoes on clearance for $9.89-$14.xx.
Great buy for Stride Rite and their awesome shoes.

There are also lots of other shoes on clearance as well...

here are just a few to give you an idea.

Also... Don't forget to sign up for AmazonPrime before you make qualifying purchases (most of the Stride Rite shoes qualify) to get free 2 day shipping. You can get a free 1 month trial by clicking the link below to Amazon, or 3 month trial by following instructions here.

Target deals...

I don't often post many deals about Target because my Target is not a superstore (little/no grocery items) and it's difficult to get in and out of. I do make it in when something is worth my trip.

Although I won't be able to use these deals unless we visit Hubby's brother this week, I thought they were worth passing along.

There are some new Target coupons available on their website. You can find the link for coupons at the bottom of their page, or you can use my link here to take you right to the coupons.

One is for $1 off of 1 lb or more of grapes and they are on sale for $1 a lb = FREE grapes
I sometimes just remove what I want from a bag and re-bag them in the other available bags that stores usually have. I don't like to pay for the ones that have been squished in the bottom of the bag. Also, if you do this you can separate them into 1 lb bags each.

There are lots of things you can do with grapes!
Some ideas...
  • Use them in chicken salad
  • Use them in fruit salad
  • Dry them to make raisins
  • Freeze them for a wonderful healthy treat almost like bite size popsicles.
  • Roll them in powdered sugar for a fun snack
Any other ideas to share?

Another is for $2 off Sutton and Dodge Angus beef steak or roast. You can often find small steaks or roasts and use one of these coupons on each to make for really inexpensive beef.

Great time to sign up for Ebates!!

Ebates has a promotion through the end of October
that gives you $10 just for signing up!

Their normal promotional bonus is $5.

I'll give you all the info up front... in order to cash out on that $10 (or more if you get friends to sign up through your link-more details on that below), you have to make a few purchases through them. One within the first 30 days to keep your sign-up bonus.

Now I know you're thinking you have to go to their website and purchase their products... not at all. EBates is a program where you will find more than thousand retailers that you can shop through.

Here are a few examples of the stores you find at Ebates:
  • JCPenney
  • Hotels.com
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Alamo car rental
  • Target
  • Disney
  • Restaurant.com
  • Starbucks
  • Petcare RX
  • GiftCertificates.com
  • Shutterfly
You will get your rewards bonus (provided you made a purchase before 10/31) and any money that you earned by signing up your friends that followed is saved when the money you have earned through shopping totals $5.01 or more. That money is not put on a time basis... it is yours as soon as your cash back from shopping through them equals $5.01 or more. Also... if you shop enough to have $5.01 in your shopping rewards, you get a check from them every three months, or if you'd rather, they can pay you through Paypal

Extra.. Extra... Also, if you sign up right now and get 2 friends to sign up under you & make a purchase prior to 10/31, you are rewarded with a $30 bonus! Easy money! One friend will benefit you $10.

What is Ebates? What's the catch? Ebates offers rewards when you sign up through them and then go shopping. They have thousands of retailers that not only give percentages back from your purchases, but they often offer coupons/codes that you can use at retailers to save you money on your purchases.

Ebates is a great program to use if you ever purchase anything online. I don't shop online a lot, but I find that with Christmas time creeping up I usually find a few deals that I can run through Ebates to get my rewards and save money on my purchases too.

I've been a member of Ebates for about a year and found them to be a good company utilize. Often if they don't offer a percentage back at the retailer I'm wishing to shop at they have a coupon for them that saves me money.

Their service is absolutely free... it will never cost you a red cent and you get $ back for shopping. What a great time of the year to offer bonuses for shopping online for Christmas! (something I'm gearing up to do right now)

One way to make the best of signing up and getting the bonus assured right away is by making a purchase on Restaurant.com through their site. If you've never heard of them, check them out for some nice dining at discount prices. Check out my info. here about them.

They currently have a discount coupon code on Ebates site for 60% off of your purchase (if you use a code from their site your purchase should qualify no problems), you also then get 30% back through Ebates. Restaurant.com is a discount dining program on it's own so you can really save right now and meet the requirements for the $5 in your account. The code is FALL and works on any Dinner of the Month purchase or any $25 gift certificate purchase. Code works through 9/30 so act fast!

For example .... I was looking at a gift certificate thorugh Restaurant.com that is for $25... their price is $10, apply the 60% off and you pay $4 for your $25 gift certificate (some of the certificates at restaurant.com have specific requirements to use them so read them carefully before choosing). Then you get 30% back of the $4 which is $1.20. So for $2.80 you get a $25 gift certificate for dining and your $5 credited to your account.

I'll make it easy...
Sign up here for Ebates!
Get 2 friends to do it and you're $30 richer too....

Walgreens Overlap!!!! Today & tomorrow!!

For the last several months the coupons and rebates in Walgreens EasySaver catalog have overlapped and many stores will let you use both coupons on a product (if there is one from each month) as well as a manufacturer coupon and you can send in for rebates for each month on these two days as well.

This will happen this month as well, today and tomorrow.

Do these deals in combination with the $5 off $20 coupon and you've really saved some $!! See some examples of deals with the coupon and find a link to the coupon here.

Here are a few deals I'm aware of and hope to do tonight:

1)Garnier Products 25.4oz are $6.99
Buy 3 for a total of $20.97
-$1 manuf. coupons X3= -$3
Oct. EasySav.coupon $3 off each = -$9
Rebate in Sept EasySav. catalog for $10
$20.97-$22=$1.03 profit(minus your taxes) + $1 if you opt for Walgreens card

2)M&M's on sale 4/$10
Oct. EasySav. coupon $1/2
Sept. EasySav rebate $5
=$10-7=$3 for 4 bags of candy - $.50 if you opt for Walgreens card

3)Platex Sport Tampons $4.99
Sept. ES. coupons $2
Oct. EX coupon $2/2
Buy 2= $10
- $4 Sept coupon
-$2Oct coupon
= $4 total (or $2 each)

4)Jergens 10 oz lotion $3.99
Sept ES coupon $1
Oct. ES coupon $1
= $1.99

4)Glade Scented oil Candle w or w/o Holder $5.79- $5.99
Sept ES coupon $2
Oct. ES rebate $2
Manufact. coupon $2
= FREE after rebate
You can do this up to 4 rebates ($8)

Walgreens starting 10/5, Glade Flameless Candles

Save your $5 coupons for Glade!

Correction!!! The week of 10/5/08 at Walgreens Glade Flameless Candles will be on sale for $5.99 and will print out a $3RR. I orginally posted this would happen next week... not so. New information says 10/5 so save them a little longer.

If you have a coupon it will look something like this...
1 Glade Flameless Candle $5.99
-$5 coupon from 9/18
= $.99
get $3 RR for $2.01 profit!! (minus your taxes)

Don't know about you, but I like making $ on something I can use!

Double play!!! There is a rebate form out there from the newspaper to get one of these free up to $9.99. So do the deal above and send your receipt in for $5.99. Wow!!!

Walgreens $5 off $20 coupon

Just got an email from Walgreens with a link to a coupon good this Fri & Sat, Sept 24-25 for $5 off any $20 purchase.

They have changed the wording on the coupon from previous coupons, so pay attention here. You now have to spend $20 after all of your other coupons, including manufacturer coupons in order to take the $5 off of your order.

This is still a great deal! If you haven't done the previous deals I posted for the week this would be a good time to do it. Also, if you can find the Reach Ultraclean toothbrushes or floss that are 2/$5 and the Crest mouthwash that is $4.49 you are halfway there!

Reach 2/$5 gives you a $5RR= FREE
Crest Mouthwash $4.49 gives you a $4.49RR= FREE
=9.49 total for these 2 items
Just need another $5.51 to reach $20 and then take $5 off of your order.

If you need milk and cookies buy 2 Oreos, Chips Ahoy, or Nutter Butters (which are 2/$5) and a gallon of milk $3.19(as featured on the front of the add) and get a $3RR (Almost free milk!)

$5 cookies+ $3.19 milk=$8.19
+ $9.49 from above= $17.68

Need $2.32 to get to $20
Buy filler item, rebate item, or something you need

$20-$5= $15 + taxes
Get $5RR for Reach, $4.49RR for mouthwash, $3RR for cookies & milk

$15-$5-$4.49-$3= $2.51 for $20 of merchandise ... almost 90% savings!!

Update to some reader questions....
I had someone ask if the Crest Pro-Health mouthwash (500 ml) was giving out the RR- my sources say yes, it should work through the end of the month.

Also, you should be able to use the same receipt numbers if you enter the rebates online. If you want to do the rebates via snail mail you will have to ask them to print you a duplicate receipt so that you can do them separately.

Hope that helps... Happy shopping!!

Free Ice Cream Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery is having an ice cream social and giving out free 3 oz servings of their ice cream.

Sept. 25 from 5-8pm

Any Cold Stone Creamery location

Why: To promote 2 new ice cream flavors that will benefit the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

The flavors they will be serving are:
Marshmallow ice cream with OREO® Cookies, Chocolate Chips and Fudge
Nutter Butter® ice cream with White Chocolate Chips, Kit Kat® and Yellow Cake

I could go for either... wish there was one in my area!

They are selling stars all month to benefit Make-a-Wish. Why not donate and get a freebie at the same time?!?!?!

Free Tote from Aveeno... times 2!!

There are 2 separate offers to get free tote bags from Aveeno!!

For each offer you buy 2 Aveeno products, but each offer has different requirements so you can get 2 bags with the purchase of 2 products! Double play!

In the October issue of Parents Magazine, there is an offer for a free tote (on page 65 if you want to look for it).

Purchase any 2 Aveeno products and send the original receipt to:

Tote Bag Offer c/o Parents
375 Lexington Ave. 10th floor
New York, NY 10017

Offer expires 10/31/08


The other offer is at coolcookie.com. With those same two products in hand go to the coolcookie website and sign up for a free tote. There they are asking for your information on an online form and want the upc codes for each product.

Offer good 9/15-12/31/08 or while supplies last.

Walgreens 9/21

Walgreens deals good this week....

Crest ProHealth Mouthwash $4.49 gives $4.50 RR (good through 9/27)= FREE

Reach Ultra Clean Floss or Ultra Clean Toothbrushes Buy 2 for $5 get $5 RR this week= FREE

Some Visine is $3.99 (this good all month!)
- $2 or $3 manufacturer coupons that are available
-ESC $2

Robitussin/Dimetapp Buy 2 get $5RR, Buy 3 get $10RR through 10/31
There are coupons available here for $1 Robitussin
here for $2 Dimetapp

Triaminic $4.99 gives $2RR
-$2 coupon here
= $4.99-$2 coupon= $2.99 - $2 RR= $.99 each

Pepsi 12 pk products
3/$11 get $2RR = 3/$9 or $3.33 each

Adidas Antipersperant $1.99 with ISC
-$1 manf.coupon= $.99 each

Buy 2 Packs Nabisco Cookies (2/$5 this week) AND One Gallon Milk ($3.19 in my local add), receive $3 in RR.
So for $5 in cookies(2 full size packages) + $3.19 in milk= $8.19- $3 RR= $5.19
I count this as basically getting the milk for $.19. 2/$5 on the cookies is good in my area!
There have been reports of coupons for$1 off milk when you buy cookies, so if you find these kudos to you!

Possible scenario...
Transaction #1
Buy 1 Crest Prohealth Rinse $4.49
Buy 2 Reach RR products = $5
total = $9.49 get $5 RR and $4.50 RR= FREE

Transaction #2
Buy 2 pkgs of cookies and gallon of milk= $8.19- $5 RR from Reach = $3.19 get $3RR= $.19

Transaction #3
Robitussin on sale 2/$10
buy 3= $15- $3 coupons from here.
$12-$4.50RR from trans #1= $7.50
get $10 RR

In total you spend $7.69 + tax out of pocket and have $3 and $10 RR remaining. (out of pocket would be less for Dimetapp w/$2 coupon but I used Robitussin because I figured more of you would use it than the Dimetapp, you can mix and match on these 2 products and get what you need).
$3-$10-$7.69= $5.31 profit (-taxes) and you got all that above to take home!
**** Rinse and repeat as many times as you like and have fun!

You can use those leftover RR for items you need, or for an added bonus use them toward the September EasySaver Rebates that are free this month.

Please be a courteous frugal shopper and allow others to go ahead of you when you have several transactions. Also, try not to clear the shelves so others can enjoy the deals as well.

Also a reminder!!!
You can't use a RR that you earned on a product to earn again on the same product... for example, if you purchase the Robitussin and get a $10 RR you can't turn around and spend it towards another Robitussin deal. The computer will recognize the coupon as the same deal and not give you another coupon. Do it once and you'll never forget to pay close attention again. :)
See Walgreens 101 on more details on how to do deals at this store.

Freebie Samples...

I love samples because even though much of the time they are a travel size of the product (sometimes even smaller) many of them are great for travel, work, or to keep in your car just to have handy.

Free sample of Purex

Free tote from Nature's Bounty.

Free sample of Stetson cologne.

Free sample of Playtex Sport tampons & coupons.

Free sample of Quaker Simple Harvest granola bar.

Current Walmart Samples:
Ultra Gain with Baking Soda
Crest Whitening Expressions
Nicorette 20ct Starter Pack of New White Ice Mint Gum
Huggies Diapers
Tampax Pearl with leakguard
John Freida- sample of shampoo & conditioner, coupons
Benefiber Drink Mix

Meijer+ more... grocery info

I have yet to post a page on how I got started saving money on groceries & household products, something I really need to do.

There were several sites that got me on the right path, the first being TheGroceryGame.com run by a young lady by the name of Terri that started doing coupons on her own and realized she could help others too.
What the site does is give you information on the sales in your local stores (available stores vary depending on where you live) and what newspaper/magazine/internet coupons match up with the sale. It then notes the % saved after you use the coupon combined with the sale. It even tells you where to find the coupon, which newspaper by date and insert.

I found the site very useful when I started because it is organized very well and easy to look at. You can take a quick look at each store and see what items you're interested. She's even got it set up so you can just print out the items that you want to purchase, and not the whole list.

On The Grocery Game you can sign up for a free trial period for $1 for the first 4 weeks and can select any or all of the stores available in your area to use for the trial period. The trial is enough time to give you a good idea which stores you would like to keep and which you wouldn't likely use.

The Grocery Game is a subscription service and I'm not saying there aren't other ways to find information on sales and coupons online. Actually, there are lots of places and I try to share some of my best finds here with you. It can, however, be a great resource if you simply don't have the time to search multiple sites for the info, or if you can't find much on a particular store. Their prices are $10 for 8 weeks for one store, $5 every 8 weeks for each additional store.

I use continue to use the site for Meijer. I have had trouble finding much information on their sales and deals anywhere online, and I don't get their flier in my paper. It is my routine to go online every Tuesday morning and print out my Meijer list before I go shopping.

If you'd like to try TheGroceryGame.com and sign up for the free trial, please leave me a comment and I will send you an invite.

Free Magazines...

Check out the free magazines at Valuemags.
If the link doesn't take you right to the free magazines
just type free in the search bar.

They have several right now to choose from with no strings attached. I have done a little research and their site seems legit. I went ahead and ordered the two I was interested in, so we'll see if I get them. I thought I'd go ahead and pass the opportunity on to you.

The ones they had available when I was visiting the site:

Parents Traditional Home Bridalguide Waterski Boatinglife Rob Report

CVS this week... 9/14

Here are the deals that look worthy of mentioning this week.

Excedrin Express Gels 20 ct $3.99 - $3.99 ECB= FREE
(I don' t know what varieties these come in as they are a new product)
Available coupons: $2 off any Excedrin PM product SS 7/13
$2 printable coupon here
$4.99 rebate on Excedrin Back and Body exp 10/5, SS 7/13

Purex on sale for $2.99 - $1 ECB (limit of 5)
$1/2 Purex detergent exp. 10/28, SS 9/14
= $1.49 each after ECB

Just for Men or Touch of Gray $7.99, $2 ECB
$2 coupon here
$7.99 just for men try me free rebate here
= Money Maker!

St Ives Products- Buy $10 worth, get $5 ECB
$1 St Ives bodywash or lotion product exp. 10/31, SS 8/10
B1G1 St Ives Elements Products exp. 10.31, SS 8/10

Revlon lip, eye or nail products B1G1
$1 Rev. color cosmetic product exp. 10/3, SS 8/3
$2 Rev. color cosmetic product exp. 11/16, SS 7/20
$2 Rev. color cosmetic product exp. 12/28, SS 8/24

Pert Shampoo 2/$5
$2 Pert shampoo or conditioner, exp. 9/30 SS 8/3
= $.50 each

Powerade $.88
$.75 exp 10/31, SS 6/06
$1 exp. 11/30, SS 7/13

To see a more complete CVS listing, click here to go to Iheartcvs where she lists every deal that is in the add. I only list the ones that look to be the best deals for the week.

More on Amazon!! It just doesn't stop :)

I signed up awhile back for 3 month long trial offer of Amazon Prime and love it! Free 2 day shipping on most any order (works on any item on Amazon marked with their "Prime" logo). If you need something faster then just pay $3.99 for expedited delivery.

I'm going to show you how I did it so you can too.

Because I'm a subscriber to Prime I can't link you directly to the deal, but I can tell you how to get it.

Here's how to do it:
  • Click on my link below to take you to the Amazon Prime area where you can sign up for a free 1 month trial of Prime.
  • search for "textbook"
  • find textbook store link at top of page and click on it.
  • Find link on side for free 2 day shipping and 3 month trial of Prime & click on it
  • Click link "shop for eligible textbooks"
  • Place enough textbooks in cart to reach $100
  • go along like were going to check out, you will probably be taken all the way up to where you would hit purchase. When you get to the last page before you actually hit purchase you will find the link to sign up for the free trial of Amazon Prime... sign up.
  • Clear your cart

There is no wording anywhere that you have to purchase the textbooks, just that you have to place $100 worth in your cart. Because I looked around the site before I did it I felt comfortable going ahead with it. If you're uncomfortable with it, I encourage you to try the 1 month trial before Christmas if you think you may order anything online... it's a great program.

Complete all these steps and you did it! You just got free shipping for 3 months on eligible purchases... great time to do it being that Christmas will be here before we know it.

Laundry Savings... no more "non-soak-um-ups"

Several years ago when we started camping, I bought a few "cheapo" towels to take along so I wouldn't have to worry about it if something happened to them. They were quickly nicknamed "non-soak-um-ups" by my Hubby and shortly put out of commission for that use.

Recently Hubby started to complain about our good towels saying they reminded him of those "non-soak-um-ups" because they weren't absorbing like they used to. I started thinking about what might be the problem as these were good towels, not "cheapos" as I would call them.

I eventually took out the fabric softener for a couple go rounds and they gained their absorbency back. From that point on I have only used half of the softener recommended in all of my laundry and found that everything smells nice and fresh, but never overly so and that my towels continue to work to Hubby's satisfaction.

I almost always use liquid softener and add water to make a 50/50 ratio, but you could just cut the dryer sheets in half and get the same effect. To make it even easier I recently had the idea to add water to the bottle of liquid when it reached it's half empty point. When that bottle is empty, I pour half of the next bottle into it and dilute it again. Then as that one is finished I put that bottle in the recycle bin and add water to the 1/2 bottle that hasn't been diluted yet, this way every bottle gets used as a diluted mixture and I feel like I got most every drop of softener out of each bottle.

Now, not only do we get nice, soft, clean clothing that smells good, and Hubby is happy with the towels, but we also save money doing this. That's a 50% savings in using half on top of the savings I got when I purchased it on sale with my coupons. Pretty good for us, and probably the environment too!

Amazon Grocery Deal just got better....

If you're not interested in a free magazine subscription keep reading....
There's another option as well.

I just found another deal you can link with the 55% off grocery coupon (CLRNCFTY) right now.

Special Offer with $25 Order
(I believe your total would have to be at least $25 after the coupon in order for this to work).

Get a one-year subscription to Self Magazine (a $12.00 value) included with your order when you spend $25 or more at Amazon.com’s Grocery and Health & Personal Care stores.


If you don't want the subscription to Self Magazine
just make a copy of your Amazon confirmation/order and complete and send in this form to receive a $12 refund (the cost of the magazine subscription).

Offer valid for purchases made between August 15 and September 15, 2008.

Just an example of what you could do with this....

I'm looking at the Starbucks Coffee

1 order of 3 bags is $29.55- 55% = $13.30
Buy 2= $26.60 (shipping on these is free for me because I signed up for the trial of Prime and these qualify). My description of Amazon Prime is here.
- $12 refund
Total= $14.60 for 6 bags of coffee that would cost me $9-10 each in the local store.

So I could spend $13.30 for 3 bags or $14.60 for 6
Can't beat the gain for $1.30!!

To find out more about Amazon Prime or to sign up for the trial,
click on the link above & have fun shopping!

I almost forgot...
Find the form here.

Rebates... trying something new

I don't know how all of you that are coupon & rebate gurus do your rebates, but I often find myself having trouble spending my allocated grocery money on rebates items even when they will be free. I have always tried to use my grocery money on them and when I get the money back I put it back into my grocery money whenever I cash it out.

I think my problem in not purchasing the freebie items is having that cash that I wouldn't have spent tied up for 6-12 weeks. It just doesn't work for me.

My answer? As I cash the incoming rebates checks they will have a separate envelope in my coupon box for me to use only to purchase rebate items. This way I will have a revolving fund to use on rebates and won't feel the guilt in tying up the money in the grocery fund for this.

I just went last week to cash the several checks I had waiting for a trip to the bank and I have close to $15 in that fund to get me started. I realize that sometimes I may have to still pull from my grocery $ to help supplement the rebate purchases, but won't feel the pressure to make the grocery budget work, and won't miss the extra $2-$5 here and there returning from rebates.

Now I know that this won't work for me on stores like Walgreens and Menard's, but those rotate already... huh...novel idea :)

Why didn't I think of that before?

Hot deal on Magazines including Everyday with Rachael Ray!

At lowpricesubs.com you can get 1 year of
Everyday with Rachael Ray for $1.60!!!

I just did it myself!!

They have several other magazines that you can do this with. Here are just a few examples that all work out to be $1.60 with the coupon code June (there is a note on their homepage about using the code July for 20% off but it didn't work... I had found the code June here and it works perfectly)

Some are 1 year and some are even 2!

Bridal Guide Magazine

Cabela's Outfitter Journal

Car and Driver

Four Wheel & Off Road


I purchased Everyday with R.R. (1 yr), Family Fun Magazine (2yrs), Wondertime (1yr), and Women's Day (3yr for $5). My grand total was... drum roll please.... $8.80

They take credit card or Paypal for payment and you can expect your publications in 4-16 wks... for the price I'm willing to wait for them. Just printed my receipt and will keep it handy until they all come.

I had never heard of this site before, so this is my first attempt at using them. I did do some research and found that most everyone that has ordered from them was satisified with what they received. I felt like for $8 it was worth the try for me.

CVS this week...

I haven't had the chance to post my CVS finds this week.... will be shopping there today. I wanted to give you a chance to save as well and found a website that can help you with your CVS deals.

The site iheartcvs.com posts all of the deals, where I often only post what I feel are the best deals. Have a look at her site.... it's fully devoted to CVS!!

Amazon 55% off of Groceries

55% off of grocery items at Amazon with coupon code CLRNCFTY.

Code is good through 9/30/08, but good items are going fast so order soon!

If you look around there are some good buys on items that never have coupons.

I might have to order some Starbucks coffee myself. We stopped going there and I did some research and bought a good espresso machine and now we just make our own coffee beverages... they're even better than the ones they make if I must say so myself. :)

Also, if your purchase doesn't qualify for free the free shipping over $25,
sign up for the free trial of Amazon Prime to get shipping free!!

Free Sample of Fruit Roll-up Snacks

Get a free sample of Fruit Roll-up snacks & support your school here.

Thanks MoneySavingMethods for the details.

Walgreens this week- 9/7

There are a several good deals going on this week worthy of mention.

Robitussin is on sale for $3.99 each
purchase 3 for a total of $11.97
print 3 coupons here for $3 off 1
Get a $10 RR (register reward coupon)
Total out of pocket $2.97+ tax Final cost $10-$2.97= $7.03 profit

Advil & Centrum (both $6.99 each)
Buy 3 get $10 RR

Scrubbing Bubbles, Shout, Fantastic & Windex on sale $2.49 each
Pledge, Draino & other Scrubbing Bubbles cleaners on sale $3.49 each
Find some coupons for Scrubbing Bubbles items here.
Purchase 2 get $2 RR, 4 get $5, 7 get $10

Scrubbing Bubbles Shower cleaner on sale $19.99
Use $7 manufacturer coupon (some regions coupons were $5)
Get $10 RR
Total cost $12.99- $10 RR= $2.99 !!!!

Crest ProHealth Mouthwash (500ml) on sale for $4.49
get $4.49 RR= FREE

Free trial of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a subscription program that you can sign up for that makes 2 day shipping free on qualifying products, and next day only $3.99. This is a great find if you purchase much online!

Now try it free for 1 month and see how you like it and if you'll use it before you pay a dime. Perfect time for Christmas shopping! After you sign up go to the manage your account page, there is a place to opt out of automatic renewal for this so no forgetting to cancel it. Makes for a win/win for you!

Check it all out here....

CVS Finds this week...

This was a pretty good week for me at CVS. I'd not been doing so well lately with the lack of $/$$ coupons and fewer CVS coupons from the register. The Covergirl was a nice freebie this week.

Here's the lowdown...

Transaction #1
Covergirl Outlast lipcolor B1G1 $9.99
" " free
ipod/mp3 speakers clearanced $1.49
Bubbles clearanced $.25
- $2 CVS coupon (I'm still using this, but sparingly)
- $9.99 B1G1 Covergirl lipcolor coupon
= Total $.42

Transaction #2
Covergirl Wetslick $5.99
" " $5.99
Bubbles x2 $.50
-$5 ECB
-$5.99 B1G1 Covergirl lipcolor coupon
-$1.00 Covergirl product coupon
= Total $1.01 Got $5.99 ECB = $4.98 Profit

Transaction #3 (all the sudden I can't find the receipt...so from memory)
Vinyl Tablecloth (clearance) $.99
Popsicle maker (clearance) $.50
Listerine $5.99
-$5.50 Listerine free coupon (only good for 5.50-got from writing them an email about a product)
= Total $1.98 Got $1 ECB (listerine)= $.98 spent

Total overall:
$3.58 Profit this week! Not too shabby!

Goodie Bag Give Away

Brandy's got a nice bag of goodies she's giving away at her blog, Savin Some, on Saturday.

Here's a list of what's included- A lot!!

(1) Air Wick Freshmatic Mini, Lavender fields
(1) 13.5 oz. bottle of Pert Plus Simply Fresh 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner
(1) 11 oz. bottle of Dawn
(1) bottle of Suave Men's body wash
(1) can of Nivea for Men shaving gel
(1) Colgate Total Advanced Clean
(1) CVS liners
(1) 2.3 oz Lady Speed Stick 24/7
(1) package of Huggies Clean Team wipes
(2) Travel size Dove deoderants
(1) pair of Bath and Body Works shower gloves
(1) reusable shopping bag

Check it out here to sign up for your chance to win! Good Luck!

Free Bracelet for women and teenage girls...

Free Take a Test-Not the Risk Bracelet for women and teenage girls... a reminder that you can be disease stricken when you are sexually active even when you use a condom! If you didn't know that, check out this site and sign up for the bracelet. There is a lot of good information on the site as well.

This topic is dear to me as I worked in an OB/GYN office for six years and we saw it everyday. You can carry HPV for years with no signs or symptoms and normal pap tests and then one day it becomes active and starts causing the cells on you cervix to change. That is why it is so important to have paps done on a regular basis even if you are no longer sexually active. You may be fine for 20+ years and one day, Bingo!, changes start to happen. It's important to catch those changes early so that it can be stopped before it becomes a serious problem.

Also keep in mind that there are some new vaccines out to help prevent the most common/serious forms of HPV. They are better served to be given before someone becomes sexually active, but can have some benefits if you already are. Talk to your doctor about your options.

To see a website for one of the vaccines, click on the I CHOSE above.

$30 in Eukanuba coupons

Join Club Wild and get a coupon book good for $30 in Eukanuba Naturally Wild dog foods.


This is another great site where you can earn money when you shop.

With Ebates you earn money with each person you refer to their site that signs up. Right now that amount is $5 and at times they run specials with a higher rate.

They often offer coupons for stores to give you an added discount on your purchase, and you also earn money back from them every time that you log-in with them and then go shopping online.

Ebates has over 900 stores online that they partner with to bring you the savings. If you're going shopping online at almost any store, they probably partner with that store. They don't offer ebay though if that is one of your primary shopping sources.

You earn money on Ebates when you shop through them or when you have a referral sign up under you. You don't earn money when your referrals shop through them. There referral bonus is a pretty nice incentive to use them and their % back is pretty good.

It's worth the effort to check them out. They are a reputable company known to pay.

Free Seattle's Best Coffee Sample

Free sample of Seattle's Best Coffee!
There were 3 flavor choices as well. I chose Vanilla Bean.

I've not tried this before, I hope it's good!
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