Save $$ Eating Out!

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Find out why I like them so much here in my previous post. has a promotion now through
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Use code: FALL at checkout.

For the best value, use the code on a Dinner of the Month Club. Then you get a $25 gift certificate of your choice every month for the length of the Club you choose plus a bonus certificate for signing up for the Club.

This is an awesome time to buy certificates!! Get a great discount, get a bonus certificate, the certificates good for a year.

Have any vacations coming up?  Search the area where you vacation to see about some great discounts while you're away from home too!

Free Chips & Queso at Chili's!

If you like Chili's like I do, get a coupon for a free appetizer of Chips & Queso here.  We don't go often because of the cost, but it would be nice to add the free appetizer when we do go again.

After you print the coupon, they will give you the option to enter the last four digits of your credit card number and your last name for a coupon for a free Brownie Sundae Dessert.


I'm Baacckkkk!

Wow... the days go by!  You can see from the dates from my last post to here that I have been absent for awhile.  Life has a crazy way of changing & I've been so busy with family and new projects that I've neglected to post here in a long, long time!

Hubby and I have become interested in real estate and have made some purchases which require lots of elbow grease... to say the least.  It's taken a lot of my time because we have been doing the majority of the work ourselves.  

I will be making a few changes here to link you to the places I refer to on a regular basis to try and get the best deals at the grocery and drug stores.  I also hope to begin posting things aside from those for you that I've found to be a good deal as well. 

So... I'm hoping you will come along and join me for my life adventures.  Who knows, maybe I'll post some pictures of our new projects too. 
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