Love my ice cream!! Freezer Rules!!

I don't know how I'd make it without a separate freezer. Hubby and I got a bargain on a small chest deep freezer shortly after we got married and until I started stockpiling I could never get that one full, even when my parents split a side of beef with us.

About a year and a half ago, after I'd really begun couponing and stockpiling, our freezer was overflowing and we couldn't find anything that was in it. I was desperate enough at one point I was tempted to put a few things like cheese and breads in the garage in the deep of winter for storage since I was out of room... no idea what I would do with it when spring came! Hubby finally said enough is enough and if we're going to do this thing right we need a bigger freezer.

Because of the lack of good floor space in our garage, Hubby insisted on an upright freezer. I wasn't set on it and still think I could probably get more in a chest style freezer, but could I still find it? or would I be back where I was? That's the question!

Now I love having the freezer space, and aside from things occasionally landing on my toes (yes it's pretty full), I can usually buy up things as they come on sale without too much worry about where they are going to fit.

Even my ice cream has it's special place:
Top shelve!!

See where it ranks...
Right next to the pizza!

If you don't have a freezer aside from the one in your fridge, I encourage you to consider one. It saves us so much in meat, cheeses, coffee creamers, and dare I say Eggos for the little guy by allowing me to stockpile those things as a discount, that it has probably paid itself back already.
Don't think you can afford one? Check out Craigslist & local auctions where you can often find them at a great discount. You may even put out a request on Freecycle for your area... someone might have one that works that they don't know what to do with.

If you do buy new... haggle the price, they often come down at least a little or find a good discount code or coupon by searching for one online. For example, you could try Sears discount code in the search bar.... come to think of it, I just posted an appliance coupon for Sears recently. You can find the link for that here.


Jill said...

Very good advise Suz! I would recommend getting an upright because a chest freezer can become your husbands tool bench and you can never get in it!! (at least it's that way at my house)!!

Mom2fur said...

We bought a little chest freezer a few years ago, and it's one of the best investments we ever made as far as appliances. Don't you just love being able to buy multiples of what you love (like ice cream!) 'cause you have room for it?

Prudent Homemaker said...

Now, to me, if the top shelf is for ice cream, the top shelf would be ALL ice cream :) Our local Kroger affliate just had ice cream on sale for $3 each (of my husband's favorite kind) and if you bought 2, you got a free 2 liter root beer. You could easily fill that top shelf with ice cream . . .

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