Coupons and Rebates...

There are lots of coupons available

....both online and off!

Here is a list of resources to get a variety of coupons online.

Printable coupon sources

eCoupons (electronic coupons-link to grocery rewards cards &/or credit cards) - More information about Cellfire. - More information about how UPromise works.
P&G Solutions-Basic eCoupons cCoupons

I'm not good about printing out my eCoupon lists, but I always sign up for any of the coupons I think I "might use" ... then there's often a nice surprise at the checkout! Love it when that happens :)

Other coupons available currently that are worth the mention...

Rite Aid $5 off $25 at
Kohl's $5 Coupon & 10% off coupon (lower right side of page, give them your email)

Meijer $5 Purina Coupon

NuvaRing (birth control) $60 in coupons... can mean 4 months free for some!

Upromise.comFree Grocery Coupons


I love to do rebates, especially when it means an item is free or better than free.
Many rebates are TMF (Try me free) which when combined with a coupon often makes a product profitable to buy.

Current Rebates
Oil of Olay through 8/09

Caregivers Marketplace (variety of health care products including diapers) through 12/09

Arm & Hammer Essentials TMF through 12/09
Vitamin Shampoo/Conditioner TMF through 12/09
Scrubbing Bubbles Guarantee through 12/09
Just for Men Touch of Gray TMF through 12/09
Pert Plus for Men TMF through 12/09

Know of something great I missed? Let me know and I will link to you if I use the deal.

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