Save Money....

Saving Money...

Online Shopping Savings...  Earn Money while you shop online!
BigCrumbs- Includes ebay!
Update.. ebay is currently not working.  Was told they are trying to work it out. is still running and they said you may be able to click through that link on their site and then change the country to get back to the .com site and still get the cash back.  Worth the try if you use ebay much.
ShopAtHome- Earn $5 when a friend signs up
Ebates - Earn $5 when you sign up and complete one transaction.
Upromise -Earn money towards college for the person or school of your choice by making purchases online, eating out, and signing up and using coupons through their site.

I use all of these programs for different purchases... I look to see which program offers the best incentive before I buy anything online.

Current Online Discount Codes

Crocs, Inc.


Baby Savings

Sign up for Huggies rewards
Formula savings


Eating Out
Sign up online for your favorite restaurants emails to get special savings from them.  Many will send special coupons out occasionally and near your birthday.


Other Frugal tips

Save money on your home phone... MagicJack
Using old grocery bags
Laundry Savings
Dishwasher Savings
Stretching Meat



Worm Composting (guest post at LifeAsMom)
Harvest and Freeze Sweet Corn


Staying at Disney
Disney Dining
Other Theme Parks


Getting started with the frugal lifestyle- Gotta Start Somewhere

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