Frugal Fridays-Fun with Freebies

It's always fun to get things in the mail, I've loved it since I was a kid. Up until recently the only things I seemed to get were bills, a few magazines, and almost as many bills for magazines as I had magazines coming. You know how they send you renewal forms starting close to 6 months before your subscription expires.

Now I get samples coming to me, never usually anything really awesome, but always fun to break up the monotony a little. It's great to get a sample in a bright colorful box right next to the electric bill, kinda makes it a little easier to look at.

Samples are everywhere if you just look for them. One great place to get them is Walmart's website. Walmart always has some kind of sample just waiting for the asking. As I write this they have a sample for Cascade, New Ultra Gain with Baking Soda, Benefiber, Cottenelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes, Tampax Pearl and Kotex.

The samples are usually just that, a sample good for one use. I was getting more of them than I could use at once so I started keeping them all in a small gift bag. I often use them to take on vacations and to stock the camper. On occasion they come in handy if we run out of something or if someone is over that needs something.

My favorite regular freebies have to be detergent and deodorant. Who can ever get enough detergent right? Well, we have a High Efficiency washer and I only use the HE detergents so when it comes to vacations when we usually end up doing laundry the samples make my detergent for vacation free. The deodorants are great because they are always for more than one use.... not sure how they would do it any other way and you get to really try something for a few days to see if you like it and there size is perfect for a weeks vacation.

It's great to have extra things around in case a guest might unexpectedly need something as well. Maybe your post-menopause and have no reason to purchase feminine products. You can have a nice basket filled with a few "goodies" just in case a guest to your home is in the need for one. Makes you feel prepared for anything and helps a guest feel more comfortable in your home... and you didn't even have to go to the store or pay for them, they showed up at your door just for your asking.

As I find a good sample I will try and post it's site information here on my site with a link for you to get to it, so check back if you like samples.. I might just have a link or two to help you get something colorful in the mail.

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