Free $10 Gas Card from Speedway

Speedway is offering enough free points (8,500) on their loyalty rewards card program for a $10 Speedway gift card just for signing up for the free card.

The card also saves you a few cents on gas every time you fuel up and swipe your card. One of our local stations gives you $.05 off per gallon and another gives $.03. Not much but every bit counts and as easy as it is I'll take the free $.

My husband and I have a card already and use it frequently. We are about ready to cash in our first reward. I also signed up for one for myself so that I can have the convenience of swiping the card a the pump (they give you 2 key chain tags and a credit card sized one and hubby is carrying the larger one). You can't swipe the little ones at the pump and have to go into the store to use them and with a little one in tow it will be nice to have my own... not to mention the bonus points right now.

The offer is limited to 1 bonus offer per address/household.
Who couldn't use a little free gas right now.

Thanks Centsiblesavings!

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