Meijer Super Saturday!

Meijers One Day Super Saturday Sale is going on Today! Gotta love'm! It's so hard for me to get there on Saturdays. I always try to have my shopping done before the weekend so I have total devotion to the family-aside from spending a little time online. This week I might have to make myself a trip though. Here's why:

Nabisco 100 calorie snack packs are on sale B1G1. I picked up some coupons on a tear pad in the store several weeks ago for $.55 off each one. The regular price is $3.19 in my store, that makes them $1.59 a box with the sale and $1.05 with my coupons. Awesome buy!

Nabisco Teddy Grahams were on sale this week 2 for $5, and for the Super Saturday are B1G1. Since I don't often do the Saturday sales I was going to scan one and see how much they come up on sale for. I'm hoping they will be 2 for $2.50 but am doubtful it could get that good being that I have a few peelie coupons from a purchase awhile back for $1 off each box.

I still have several of the coupons for a free product when you buy 3 Nabisco, Kraft or Oscar Mayer products. Combining that with the 100 calorie packs and the Teddy Grahams I may find myself doing a couple of orders to get in on the Fruit of the Loom deal.

Buy $10 in Nabisco products and get $10 off a 3 Fruit of the Loom products. Like I need anymore socks and underwear at my house after the Hanes deal the last few weeks... Wow!

Then, if you have and use your Meijer credit card you get 15% off general merchandise/apparel and 5% off food/health & beauty. I'm seriously considering getting one of these cards just for these kinds of deals that seem to come around all to often.

Then the Pepsi deal! You can get 5 six-packs of Pepsi 24oz bottles for $11 or if you buy 4 24 packs you get each one for $3.99. That's the same as paying $2 for a 12 pack... pretty good if you need soda.

Combine that with the deal running where when you buy $10 in Pepsi products, you can save $10 on Jeans! Hubby is in desperate need! Not that we need the soda, but I might be able to sell it at the next Farmers Market in town.

They are also still doing buy 10 in coke products and get $10 off athletic shoes, we prefer coke products but are set on shoes for awhile.

Almost forgot... mushrooms are on sale for $1 and there's a coupon on mealbox for $.5o off 1. We love mushrooms at my house and buy them almost weekly. I passed them up earlier in the week, but will most certainly be grabbing some if I make it in today. I've even thought about freezing a few because I cook with them a lot.

If you've not used mealbox before, just click on my link here and I'll explain in my Meijer how-to how it works.

Just too much for me to pass up this week... and still have some of those Kraft coupons to use. Can't bear to let them expire next week!

Hope all of you with a Meijer close are taking advantage of the savings and using your hard earned money well. If you are good at doing Meijer Saturday deals let me know how you work your deals. I could use help with Saturdays since I'm not a regular weekend shopper.

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