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Welcome to my new blog on familys saving money. I'm not limiting this community to anyone specifically in the family, but generally hope to help and guide the financial minded person in the home.

I hope to help you and your family learn valuable ways to save money so that you can use it in a better way for your family.

I grew up in a farming community with both parents bent on saving money. I learned from mom that shopping is a necessity (whether we like it or not) and to be watchful for sales and rebates along the way. I learned from dad that the garden is a bountiful blessing even when you're tired of homegrown tomatoes- they are certainly wonderful come winter.

Today it's harder than ever to pay off those debts, put money back for a rainy day, and whose to even mention put some into savings? You're right, I said it.... let's put some money into our savings!

I encourage you to visit this page as I show you some of the techniques I've learned over the years for saving money, and I hope some of you can give tips as well along the way.

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