Who am I?

Let me briefly introduce myself so you have an idea where I come from and what I stand for. I recently stepped away from a job in healthcare to stay home and care for my 3 year old son who means the world to me. My husband makes a decent living at his job and we are doing our best live well within his income. We are regular church attenders and although we believe the Lord will provide, we also feel we have to be good stewards what God has given us.

I have always been a saver due to the examples set by my parents growing up, and my own desire to save for something better than what I had now. When my husband and I married he was a spender... never had money in his wallet, because he had to spend it if it was in there. We had some adjustments to make when we married to compromise on spending. There wasn't a lot work with when we started out because we didn't have much extra and I was determined to not go into debt for daily living. He quickly grew to understand that if we didn't have it we didn't spend it... at least for the little things (we did take out a few small car loans along the way).

We both had full time jobs for several years and along came our son. Motherhood set in and I began looking for ways to stretch our dollars to pay for the added expenses of a child. I began searching the adds and online for ways to make our finances go farther. I now find it a challenge to spend as little as possible to make it by and still have fun with life. We do splurge every now and then, but no longer feel guilty about it because we only do it for special occasions and events and don't have to charge them.

It's amazing how much more relaxing and fun life is without the worry of everyday expenses emptying your checking account!

I challenge you to check out my posts and apply what you can to your life to make it more rewarding and less stressful. I'm not promising it doesn't take any effort, because it does. I'm asking that you make and effort, whatever you can, and reap the rewards financially.

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