Amazon Grocery Deal just got better....

If you're not interested in a free magazine subscription keep reading....
There's another option as well.

I just found another deal you can link with the 55% off grocery coupon (CLRNCFTY) right now.

Special Offer with $25 Order
(I believe your total would have to be at least $25 after the coupon in order for this to work).

Get a one-year subscription to Self Magazine (a $12.00 value) included with your order when you spend $25 or more at’s Grocery and Health & Personal Care stores.


If you don't want the subscription to Self Magazine
just make a copy of your Amazon confirmation/order and complete and send in this form to receive a $12 refund (the cost of the magazine subscription).

Offer valid for purchases made between August 15 and September 15, 2008.

Just an example of what you could do with this....

I'm looking at the Starbucks Coffee

1 order of 3 bags is $29.55- 55% = $13.30
Buy 2= $26.60 (shipping on these is free for me because I signed up for the trial of Prime and these qualify). My description of Amazon Prime is here.
- $12 refund
Total= $14.60 for 6 bags of coffee that would cost me $9-10 each in the local store.

So I could spend $13.30 for 3 bags or $14.60 for 6
Can't beat the gain for $1.30!!

To find out more about Amazon Prime or to sign up for the trial,
click on the link above & have fun shopping!

I almost forgot...
Find the form here.

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Stacey said...

What a great deal! I had no idea this was going on :-) Thanks for sharing!

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