CVS Finds this week...

This was a pretty good week for me at CVS. I'd not been doing so well lately with the lack of $/$$ coupons and fewer CVS coupons from the register. The Covergirl was a nice freebie this week.

Here's the lowdown...

Transaction #1
Covergirl Outlast lipcolor B1G1 $9.99
" " free
ipod/mp3 speakers clearanced $1.49
Bubbles clearanced $.25
- $2 CVS coupon (I'm still using this, but sparingly)
- $9.99 B1G1 Covergirl lipcolor coupon
= Total $.42

Transaction #2
Covergirl Wetslick $5.99
" " $5.99
Bubbles x2 $.50
-$5 ECB
-$5.99 B1G1 Covergirl lipcolor coupon
-$1.00 Covergirl product coupon
= Total $1.01 Got $5.99 ECB = $4.98 Profit

Transaction #3 (all the sudden I can't find the from memory)
Vinyl Tablecloth (clearance) $.99
Popsicle maker (clearance) $.50
Listerine $5.99
-$5.50 Listerine free coupon (only good for 5.50-got from writing them an email about a product)
= Total $1.98 Got $1 ECB (listerine)= $.98 spent

Total overall:
$3.58 Profit this week! Not too shabby!

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