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I have yet to post a page on how I got started saving money on groceries & household products, something I really need to do.

There were several sites that got me on the right path, the first being run by a young lady by the name of Terri that started doing coupons on her own and realized she could help others too.
What the site does is give you information on the sales in your local stores (available stores vary depending on where you live) and what newspaper/magazine/internet coupons match up with the sale. It then notes the % saved after you use the coupon combined with the sale. It even tells you where to find the coupon, which newspaper by date and insert.

I found the site very useful when I started because it is organized very well and easy to look at. You can take a quick look at each store and see what items you're interested. She's even got it set up so you can just print out the items that you want to purchase, and not the whole list.

On The Grocery Game you can sign up for a free trial period for $1 for the first 4 weeks and can select any or all of the stores available in your area to use for the trial period. The trial is enough time to give you a good idea which stores you would like to keep and which you wouldn't likely use.

The Grocery Game is a subscription service and I'm not saying there aren't other ways to find information on sales and coupons online. Actually, there are lots of places and I try to share some of my best finds here with you. It can, however, be a great resource if you simply don't have the time to search multiple sites for the info, or if you can't find much on a particular store. Their prices are $10 for 8 weeks for one store, $5 every 8 weeks for each additional store.

I use continue to use the site for Meijer. I have had trouble finding much information on their sales and deals anywhere online, and I don't get their flier in my paper. It is my routine to go online every Tuesday morning and print out my Meijer list before I go shopping.

If you'd like to try and sign up for the free trial, please leave me a comment and I will send you an invite.

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