Walgreens cheap diapers!

Diapers for $3.99 a pack... no kidding!!

Walgreens has their diapers on sale this week for $5.99 which is a good price for diapers to begin with...

Take a trip to the Pharmacy and ask about their new prescription program, they should give you a booklet with several coupons in it for their products that don't expire until 12/08. If they don't offer one, be brave and ask if they have any coupon booklets available.

Inside the Pharmacy booklet is a coupon good for their diapers worth $2 off each package. You should only need one of these to get your discount on as many as you want to purchase...

Here's how that works.... Walgreens doesn't have their employees save their coupons when they are turned in from the customer, only the manufacturer coupons. I usually don't even tear out Walgreens coupons because of this and just show them the coupon in the booklet/flier that I want to use and have them scan it. If they ask for it ask them if you can keep it since they will only throw it away anyway.

Also... Walgreens coupons typically scan the amount off of any item that qualifies for that coupon. For example, if you have3 packs of diapers in your order it should take off 3x $2 (c0upon value) = $6 off.

I will note that the coupon for diapers does state $2 off regular price of the product, so if your store declines your use with the sale price they do have the right to do that.

If the store doesn't have the size you are looking for in stock, don't forget to ask for a raincheck!

I have not used Walgreens diapers myself, but have been using the "pull-up" style
for my toddler and they work as well as any others I've tried.
Others report the diapers are good as well.

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