Walgreens this week... 10/19

There are some great deals this week on RR!

Alka Seltzer Plus Cold is on sale this week for $4.99 get RR for $4.99= FREE

Theraflu Products, several qualify.
Buy 3 get an $8 RR

There are coupons out for the Theraflu, $4.99 each
$2 off each (10/19)
$1 off here

Excedrin also work for this deal, $5.99 each
coupons for $2 off (10/19)

There are also rebates available for these items which make this even sweeter!

Check out some possible deals....
Buy 3 Theraflu products $4.99
Make sure one of them is Theraflu Warming Relief to send in for the rebate.
Total= $14.97
- $6 (3 Theraflu $2 coupons)
$8.97 out of pocket
Get $8 RR & $4.99 Rebate
$8.97-$8 - $4.99= Profit of $4.02!!

Buy 3 Excedrin products $5.99 each
Make sure one of them is Expess Gels for the rebate
- $6 (3 Excedrin coupons)
=$11.97 out of pocket
Get $8 RR & $5.99 Rebate
$11.97-$8-$5.99= Profit of $2.02!!

Buy 3 Maalox
products $4.99 each
- $6 (3 $2 coupons from 10/19)
=$8.97 out of pocket
get $8 RR= $.97 total or 3/$1

Buy 3 Triaminic
products $4.99 each
- $3 (3 $1 coupons from 10/19)
= $11.97 out of pocket
get $8 RR= $3.97 total or 3/$4

Benefiber Kiwi Strawberry Sticks, $7.99 each
-$6 (3 $2 coupons from papers)
- $15 (1 $5/1 EasySaver Coupon- takes off each, only need to use one coupon)
= $2.97 out of pocket
get $8 RR= $5.03 Profit
(I haven't tried this one myself yet)

You don't have to buy 3 of every product,
you can mix and match as you like.
Just be sure if you're doing rebates that you get those items on separate receipts as they usually each want a receipt mailed in.

St. Ives Elements on sale for $4.99, get $5 RR (RR printing through 10/25)= FREE
Reports are that it is printing a $2 RR, but when you use it it takes off the $5.
Must be a misprint on the RRs.
This deal was printed on a register catalina announcing the deal. You won't find it in the ad.
You'll find a $2 coupon for them here.
Update... coupons are now printing correctly!! 

Gilette Venus Embrace Razor on sale this week for $8.99, get $4 RR
There is a satisfaction guarantee available here. If you try it and don't like if for any reason, including price, send in for the guarantee & get the full $8.99 back, even if you used a coupon.

Gilette Fusion Razor on sale for $8.99, get $4 RR
- $4 coupon from 9/28
= $.99 for a $9 razor!

Visine Eye Drops on sale 2/$8, $2 RR when you buy 2
several coupons available right now....
best coupons $3 from All You Magazine
$2 from 5/11 RP
$8- $4 (2 $2 coupons)- $2 RR=$2 for 2/ $1 each

Remember at Walgreens you can't use the RR received on this to buy another product of the same promotion, you will not get another RR if you try this.

Other good buys this week at Walgreens...

Buy 1 L'Oreal Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate, 1 oz $16.49 get a free L'Oreal eye or night cream with purchase.
- $2 coupon from 10/12
- $16.49 Walgreens rebate from EasySaver (this one is not listed in the catalog or online but is a carryover from last month that has been confirmed). If you send in for the rebate, just write it in on the form, online just enter the receipt and it should show up -I usually check the next day to be sure my items were credited correctly).
= $2 profit

PertPlus $3.49
use $2.50 coupon from EasySaver (EasySaver)
$2 coupon from this weeks paper
= $1.01 MoneyMaker

Hershey Fun Size or Snack Size Candy Bars 4/$10
-$1/2 coupon RP
- $4/4 EasySaver rebate
=4 for $4

L'Oreal Vive Pro Shampoo, Conditioner or styling products 3/$10
- $1 off coupons (3)
= 3/$7

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Thanks for the helpful hints, I am new to couponing and love any help I can get!

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