Walgreens... using coupons and getting RR

This week in the Walgreens advertisement it spells out that you can use a coupon and still receive a register reward right under some of the RR products. Many have had problems with this in the past when a RR is not triggered for various reasons, cashiers and managers that don't understand the system wrongly tell customers that you can't use a coupon on a RR deal and still get the RR.

I encourage you to keep this weeks ad, at least save a page to keep in your coupon box or binder that shows you can use coupons for RR products when you go to Walgreens. That way when you encounter someone that doesn't understand coupons you have their explanation plainly written in their ad.

You may want to be sure to keep a page with the date on it as well to prove it's not an old standard.

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