Free coffee at Starbucks for voting...

I don' t know about you, but I love Starbucks coffee.

Now I'm not one to go in every day, or even once a month. But.... I do buy their coffee at the grocery and have invested in an espresso machine so that I can make my own beverages at home. Just can't do the prices at the stores, although it's fun to try something new there once an awhile.

We usually only go when we're on vacation, or after a Drs. visit...
usually for an extra treat whatever the reason.

Starbucks is treating us Nov. 4th if we go in and tell them that we voted. I do hope that you vote whether you go in for free coffee or not!

Now I have to give you the details... it's not like their giving you a latte or something extra special. They're giving out tall (small) brewed coffees.

For those of you that prefer the specialty drinks you might want to ask them for half strength and then see if they will add your favorite flavor for a small fee. Their brewed coffees tend to be very strong! That's probably what I will do. I may even ask for a glass of ice too so I can pour it over the ice and have an iced coffee.... we'll see how the weather is before I commit to that.

If you'd like to see the details of their promotion you can find them here.

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