Place to get Kroger Deals...

I've admitted before that I often have trouble getting the Kroger deals posted in what I feel like is an adequate time frame.

I only post the deals I feel that are really worthy of pointing out so you don't have to sort through all the caous on the web, but if I'm not timely enough for you, there's somewhere you can look through the deals yourself for free.

The site is called and you can find it here.

The is a free site that puts the deals together for you. Kroger is a harder store to just surf the web for deals on because their sales are regional and you really have to look around to find someone posting the deals for your area.

You sign up for free, put in your zip code and click the tab to the left that says "Grocery Deals by State". You will have to sort through and find the best deals yourself.

I have not yet used the site myself, but because it can be hard to find the regional deals at Kroger I thought it might be a good resource.

It doesn't look like it lists catalina deals, but deals that use newspaper coupons seem to be there.

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