Walgreens Double Dipping this Friday and Saturday

Here are the possible overlaps for the EasySaver Catalog coupons and rebates that happen this Friday and Saturday.
Unfortunately, the coupons are now being printed each month with the same bars codes, so you can not use one from Nov. and one from Dec. for the same product like we've been able to do for the last several months. There are two good deals I found that are still worth checking out.

I was able to get my hands on a December EasySaver today at one of my local Walgreens. They had already put out the catalog, but the coupon I tried to use today beeped and my cashier wouldn't push it through today. I figure I will wait to see if there's a $/$$ coupon this weekend before I try it again anyway.

Shampoo or Conditioner 33.8 oz (big bottle with pump),
Conditioning Balm 16.9 oz, or Serum 6.75 oz is on sale 2/$20
-$5 coupon in Dec. EasySaver (takes $5 off each product)
-$10 rebate in Nov. EasySaver

Hershey Candy
-$1/2 Hershey's Candy
(6-9.31 oz) coupon in Nov. ESC
-$5 rebate on $10 Hersheys Candy
(Kisses, Miniatures or Bells 7.6-9.2oz)in Dec. ESC
Don't have current prices available.

Update on Hershey Kisses....
on sale 4/$10
-$1 coupon for Dark Kisses SS 11/9
-Nov. ES coupon $1/2 (should take off $2)
submit for Dec ES $5 rebate

If you do purchase the candy, there is a mail in rebate that gives you a free calendar and $8 in coupons when you send in 5 UPCs from Hershey's Kisses or baking products.
You can find that form here.

Another deal I've come across...

Crest Spinbrush $4.99
print $2 coupon from here
-$3 Dec ES coupon
Thanks Mercedes for posting this one!

Update on the Crest Spinbrush
Crystal over at Shoestring Living
let me know that this coupon is only working on the rechargeable toothbrush
priced at $18+
Thanks Crystal!

1 comment:

Crystal DuBois said...

I tried the spinbrush this morning, and the ES Coupon is only working on the "rechargeable" spinbrush, priced at 18.99. at my store.

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