Chicago Cutlery w/ Bonus set & free steaks...

I just bought one of these for myself a few days ago and thought I would pass along the deal, although it's changed in price since I bought it... it's still a good buy.

I got the chance to use them for the first time Saturday and they are great on first impression.

The price fluctuates... you may want to put it in your cart and come back to see if the price drops before you actually purchase it... if you're willing to take the risk.

I bought my set for $59.97 and got free shipping and the bonus Shear and Cheese Knife set as described in the link, as I write it is priced at $99.99 (the same set without the bonuses was on sale for $149 at Kohl's last week!).
It pays at Amazon to keep an eye on the prices and wait for the best deal.

I also qualify for $85 worth of free meat from Omaha Steaks as described here... and the free magazine subscription of which I will choose the $8 refund instead.

Magazine details... Spend $50 or more in our Home & Garden Store and you can get one of the following magazines included with your purchase: Gourmet, Condé Nast Traveler, Architectural Digest, Bon Appétit, Domino, or Glamour. All qualifying subscriptions have an $8 value

Hubby loves the cheese knives already! Almost worth the buy to see him so happy cutting the cheese... no pun intended :)

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