Merry Christmas!!!

I hope you all have a 
Wonderful Christmas!!

We haven't got our snow here this year, and doesn't look like it's coming, 
so no dreaming of a white Christmas.

  My little 3 yr old keeps saying it can't be Christmas without snow.  I think he'll change his mind when the gifts start coming... although we've already had one round of Christmas celebration with Hubby's family and he's not calling it Christmas yet, so we'll see.

So, spend time with your family today if you can and enjoy every minute of it! I plan on it... from the food and festivities, to the board games and naps, it's all good!  

If you're unable to spend time with your family I challenge you to do something special for someone today, even someone you don't know.  It will give you a boost for the day, and who knows... the person you bless may need it more than ever!  

We'll talk about deals again soon... promise!  Today is reserved for family, friends, helping others, and celebrating Jesus' Birthday!  Have Fun!

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