Walgreens 12/28-1/3...

We were out for the weekend, went to a waterpark!!
The Kalahari in Sandusky, OH
They are running specials... $299 for 2 nights and admission to the waterpark (admission alone costs $39+ a person a day!)

We had a beautiful room with fridge, microwave
(so we brought lunch supplies) and a small patio.
It was a long walk to the waterpark, but worth it for the price.

Hubby was talking to another guest and they compared it to Disney World without the 18-20 hour drive. Nice place if you're looking for a vacation!

So... I wasn't able to get Walgreens up in a timely fashion...
so I found a link to one that has it all together for you.

Here is a link to the Thrifty Momma who has done a good job putting together this weeks deals at Walgreens.

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