2009 Savings....

Here we go with the first week. I don't think I mentioned before that my weekly goal/budget is $60 or less. Seems I went over this week, which sometimes happens. I account being over this week for being the first week to get back on schedule after the Holidays.

Hubby was off on lay-off for the Holidays, and my little guy just started back to Preschool this week. First week of getting back to so called normal, although Hubby's schedule has changed dramatically... but I won't go on about that.

Now for the numbers

Drum roll please.....

money saved $28.43*
out of pocket cost (oop) $37.18

CVS #1
$ saved $43.13
oop $.72

CVS #2
$ saved $22.60
oop $.47
sending in $6 rebate (B.Homes & Gardens magazine refund)

$ saved $34.00
oop $9.69
sending in for $1.50 Walgreens rebate on Electrosal

$ saved $60.68
oop $31.36
sending in $5 rebate (Walle, Min.Maid)

$ saved $1.89
oop $1.50
sending in $2.50 rebate (Smart Start cereal)

weekly totals:
$ saved $188.84
oop $80.92
rebates: $13.50
Walgreens rebates: $1.50


If you account for my rebates I was really close to my budget, & I usually keep my rebate money separate from my grocery money when it comes back and then use it solely to buy more rebate items. Didn't have any with me this week so I used out of our grocery $. I need to cash those rebate checks! I find if I have to use grocery $ to buy rebate items that will even better than free, I often won't buy them if it taps into my budget for the week... that's why I started "rolling" my rebate dollars.

Year to date (starting 1/11)
$ saved $188.84
Out of pocket $80.92
Rebates $13.50
Walgreens rebates: $1.50

*Savings actually greater than shown. Clearance items purchased and register didn't recognize addtional savings.

100 ct, Tyl. cold, Tyl Sinus med, 2 Pantene Shampoo, Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Better Homes and Gardens Christmas tin with subscription or rebate.

5 Reynolds Wrap, 4 Garnier Fructis Hair products, 2 Benefiber, 2 super glue, PUR flavor pack
(a coupon I was planning to use was expired and I didn't realize it, I went ahead and made my purchase anyway-otherwise my total would have been $6 less!)

2 packs Tyson fresh ckn tenders, 1 package ground chuck, 1lb Eckrich deli ham, Lean pockets, 1 bag Tyson ckn nuggets, 3 1/2 gal milk, 3 Fruity Cheerios, 11 Hunts diced tomatoes, 2 pinto beans, 2 red beans, mushrooms, Granny Smith apples, 2 8ct Kellogg's Pop Tarts, 2 containers Kroger cottage cheese

Bananas, Mushrooms, Spinach, 2 bags onions, 2 bags carrots, 2 Minute Maid Oj, 2 Heinz Vinegar, Red Hot Sauce, Pierogies, pretzels, margarine, 2 Nestle cookie dough, 4 Kleenex, 2 Krispy Saltines, 14 Campbells soups, 2 Smuckers grape jam, 2 Electrasol Gel pacs, Coffeemate creamer, 2 16 ct Eggo waffles, Edy's ice cream, 2 liter soda.

I'll try and take some pictures next week...
visuals are always helpful for me and you might like to see the loot.

Now... we'll see if I remember! :)

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