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VistaPrint USA Inc.

I've don't have a business, 
but have used business cards before!

You might have a use for them too..

When I first started using coupons and finding deals, I often had cashiers and customers behind me at the checkout line ask me how to shop that way or where to find coupons.  Instead of hunting for bits of paper in my purse, I found it easier if I had a business card with my favorite websites for saving money lis
ted on it.  
I was able to give people the information they wanted without taking a lot of my time to do it.

I love being able to help people save money and that worked fo
r me.  I admit now that I need to get new cards with my website information on them.  

The site that I used before is called VistaPrint.  They offer several free products, including free business cards.  They have a lot of free images for the cards that you can add your information to.  They do put a small logo of theirs on the back of the cards if you get the freebie ones, but it doesn't stand out and is tastefully done.   All you pay is shipping for them!  It think it came to less than $5 f
or mine about 2 years ago for 250 business cards.

You can get more customized business cards done there as well for a very reasonable price!  I've looked at those too thinking I would order one with an image from the website if I ever get a nice title done, that's what is holding me back from ordering right now... gotta work on that!

There are also lots of other free items on their site from rubber stamps to car door magnets.  Check them out!

Another great thing about business cards.... 

 You always see those drop jars for drawings for free meals at restaurants, but you have to have a business card to enter.  Order some free ones and you can enter them too!

VistaPrint USA Inc.
Use my link above to check them out!

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Amy said...

I have seen the VistaPrint cards and thought about using them myself- glad to hear they work for you.

I will warn you, though, that once you're on their mailing (email) list you'll get ads from them about twice a week. Just opt out if, like me, you get tired of their spam.

My WFMW tip about my new way to carry my coupons is up HERE if you'd like to take a peek.

Have a great day! :)

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