Kmart Doubles!!! 1/4-1/10....

It has been confirmed that all Kmart stores
are said to be doubling coupons this week!

Most fliers don't mention the sale, so call to confirm that your store is participating to avoid any headache or heartache.

They have changed the playing rules on this now, so not as great a deal as before, especially with their usually high regular prices. But there are some to be found... if I come across some myself, I will post them for you.

The new rules....

Coupons of up to $1 will be doubled.
Limit of 25 coupons per person per day.

It's a good idea to call ahead to see if your store is participating, or if you want to be sure, email corporate here and give them the location of the store you are asking about.

They have been good in recent sales of letting people know if a store should be. If you do get an email from corporate stating that a store is participating, print the email and take it with you to verify the deal!

Also.... don't forget to sign up for their emails and get 2 coupons and get 2 $5/$5 coupons emailed to you that you could possibly combine with this sale. You sign up here

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