LeapFrog ClickStart... my review & a good deal...

This was a Christmas gift for my little guy this year and I have to say he loves it!

He's 3 and has shown interest in our computer, so this was the perfect solution for us. He has his own keyboard and mouse and loves that. It's ended his asking to use our computer and given him some independence with electronics.

It hooks to your TV and is easy to set up. When my son wants to play all he has to do is turn it on and off he goes. Our TV recognizes the input and automatically pulls up his game.

On startup you can add users or choose to be a guest. If your child has a user name you are supposed to be able to track their progress, something we haven't looked at yet. There are a few games on the system to get you started, as well as a friendly dog named Scout that you can play with and a mailbox where you can send your child postcards.

With games, you have the option of 2 levels. We've only used the level 1 at this point and it is geared to challenge, but make learning easy. If your child is familiar with using a computer already or is older, level 2 might be more to their liking.

The additional games are nice and give your child a chance to play games with some of their favorite characters. There are several games on each additional cartridge you buy, but not so many that would overwhelm a child with options.

You can find the pink one at a great discount at Amazon right now. Usually priced $59.99, get it right now for $32.69 with free shipping (just be sure to click on the correct shipping option at checkout to get it free), a $27 savings!

The green one isn't on sale at present, but if I notice it come up at a discount I will post about it so you can get in on it if you're looking for one.

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