Sam's Club $25 Gift Card...

Yes, there's a catch...

If you're a new member to Sam's Club,
get a $25 gift card for signing up for a membership to shop there.
Dates for offer are Jan 15-21, 2009

I've not been a member for a few years because of
A. The cost of the membership- kept climbing and I decided enough was enough.
B. With my efforts of combining coupons and sales, I often do much better than Sam's Club prices on most grocery and household items.

Current price of a membership is $40 a year for an individual, $35 a year for a business. Guess they figure a business will spend more money there so they give them a discount up front.

Figure in the $25 gift card, not that you can apply it to your membership... I'm sure you can't, but considering if you sign up you will likely spend at least the $25 there at some point. You will have become a member for $15 for the year. Not bad, considering the regular price.

Like I said, I haven't been a member for a few years. I'm considering this deal because a friend of mine who also does coupon shopping says there are a few things worth her membership there.

Guess I have until Jan. 21st to decide... what do you think about Sam's Club? any thoughts?

1 comment:

Jill said...

I was just going to e-mail you about this. Since my man is the primary card holder it looks like I can create a new account and get the savings since our card is about to expire and I was going to just go with mom! I need some ranch powder and a giant container of yeast!

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