Shopping this week... (so far)

I did some shopping on Tuesday morning while the little guy was in preschool... part of my typical routine because I'm in town anyway.

Here's what I got...


Total out of pocket $10.50
Money saved $20.29


Out of pocket $20.09
$ saved $67.71
They're having a great promo. where you buy 10 select items and get the 11th free... lots of those items have coupons available making it a week to shop.

7- 12 packs of Pepsi products (sorry no pic)
Out of pocket $14.47
$ saved $18.43
Got $10 RR for use on my next purchase!
(Didn't account for that in $ saved for the week, as it will apply when I use it)

*Each store lists amount saved on the receipt based on their regular prices. That is where I'm getting my totals.

So far this week...

Total out of pocket: $45.06
Total $ saved: $106.43

I will likely hit Meijer again Thurs. weather permitting for some more granola bars, Chex Mix, soup, and Steamers.

I will post later the savings for the week, and year to date.

I'd love to hear your comments, as they fuel my fire to post pictures and details. Thanks to those of you already doing that!

1 comment:

Lacy said...

Hey Suz,

I found you via Frugal Hacker.....

I visit your site often for the coupon matches!!! Thanks. My husband and I have started a website called I'm creating a blog wall, full of useful blogs that have a frugal christian perspective! I'm one of those crazy couponing ladies, and if you're interested let me know!! If you could link us back that would be great too....more traffic for all!!!

Here is the blogwall url:

We have created a coupon database, so that might help you in your coupon matches, i'm not sure how you do them.

If you have any questions please shot me an email at



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