Today's shopping...

I finished my shopping for the week today. Preschool was closed on Thursday due to the snow and cold and didn't want to take the little guy with me being as cold as it was.

Just went to Meijer today, but did pretty well.

Here are the pics and the total....

Out of pocket $15.38
$ saved $84.23

A big part of the savings today was the Chex mix... 19 total today & all of them free. I traded someone online for some extra coupons because this deal comes around occasionally and I had a feeling it would be soon. I was right this time, can't say it happens that well everytime!, and the coupons coincided with the buy 10, get the 11th item free sale this week making for an even better deal.

What do I do with so many Chex Mix? We have youth and college students over on occasion and most Sunday afternoons there are several that find our way to our house for the afternoon. I always like to have something available for people to munch on, so I try and keep a good supply of snack foods and rotate them for variety. We've been coined the place that always has food. I will note though, that I often fix some good eats too... we don't just have snack type foods.

One thing I love about stockpiling and shopping with coupons is we often get to try new products (notice the 4 boxes of cereal and the 100 Calorie Oreo Mini Cakesters in the pic?). Before we shopped with coupons, we never had the funds to "splurge" on something name brand and new. Often times manufacturers put out good coupons & stores put on good sales for new products to get you to try them... often times making them very inexpensive, and sometimes free!!

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