Walgreens Double Play!!!

Just heard about this one!

Walgreens has the Auto Expressions Vent Fresh car air freshener free after rebate this month.

Right now when you buy 2 air fresheners
and send in this form with your receipt,
you get a code for a free movie code at Fandango!


Buy 2 and get your $ back with one through the Walgreens rebate (do your rebate online so you can use your receipt for the second deal). Mail your receipt in with the form and wait for your code to show up in your email account... be sure to check your spam folder periodically for the email too.

For the price of 1 air freshener you get 2 and a free movie!

Enjoy your show!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good luck in them being in-stock at your store...I've checked multiple times every week & still nothing! Hope maybe they offer it FAR next month too, as I read somewhere that it's not Wags issue, but the manufacturer of the item.

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