I've been thinking...

How much do we have that we don't really need? Do we know someone that could benefit from it more than you do? Is it just cluttering up your life and space?

Have a garage sale, list it on Craigslist, or put it on ebay if you think you have something of any value.

Consider starting a donation or giveaway box if you don't already have one. Setting the box out and adding to it is the easy part for me. I have trouble getting around to dropping it off where we like to donate our extra things. Some of the items that we donate Hubby then takes in for me (since I never get that part done), other go to the church to be passed on to someone who may need them.

Do some asking around and find out where you can donate your extra things. There may be an organization or family that could use some of those things. There's almost always a Homeless Shelter or a Goodwill that will take your items for a good cause.

Not only does it make you feel good to help others, when we free ourselves from the extra stuff it feels good. Things that we don't need quickly become clutter and a burden to us.

At my house we go through our closets on occasion and clear out those items we know we won't use again, but I really need to purge some of those things that we seldom use that aren't worth the space they are taking up.

My challenge is for us, myself included,
to go through some of those things sitting around or buried in our closets that we don't need and find a better use for them. Whether we sell them, give them to a friend, or donate them.
If we're not using it.... we need to lose it!

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FromThe Creek said...

Just getting ready for the Spring purge!

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