Kmart Clearance!!

2 outfits $5.99 each!

Gotta post about this find!

Thanks mom for alerting me to their clearance!

Mom let me know she was in Kmart & found some good buys on women's clearance & had noticed lots of clearance signs throughout the store. Thanks mom!!

I went in because she had mentioned the clearance looking more for clothing for my little guy than myself. I did find myself 2 tops, but my main haul was for my 3 yr old son.

Disney Outfits!

I found several licensed Disney outfits, both shirt and pants, for $4.99 each!! I only got 2 Disney outfits because I wasn't sure if they would fit next year... we usually have to separate outfits because my son is so long and lean most pants are too big around when the shirts fit. They also had a limited selection of sizes that would work for him.

I did find 2 sets, not Disney, that were also clearanced for $5.99, they're pictured at the top of the post.

pic of Disney fleece & $2 pants (Kmart brand)

They had some Disney fleece pullovers & jackets for $4.99, I had a hard time deciding which I liked best but knew I would need something warm come fall and he loved Tiger at DisneyWorld!

Save even more...
If you decide to go check out the clearance yourself, go to the Kmart website first and sign up for their emails. They'll sent you a coupon in an email for $5 off of $50 just for signing up... don't miss out on the extra savings!

I love shopping clearance!

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Gillie said...

I love Kmart! Their boy's clothes are so cute, too. My little guy has been growing so fast that he doesn't stay in one size for very long, so I love getting good deals on clothes.

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