My Valentine's Day...

I have to tell you what my Hubby did for me for
Valentine's Day!

I wasn't suspecting a thing, and knew he had to work today until 6pm. Our church was having a kids event for the evening that lasted a 2 hours, so we decided to use that time to go out for dinner to celebrate Valentine's day.

We got there and dropped off our little guy. Hubby mentioned to me that I needed to talk to someone that was there. I wanted to talk to her, but thought it could wait, I wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to eat being that it was Friday night, but he insisted. So ... I went and talked to her, and then we left.

As soon as we got in the car, he explained to me that he had arranged for my sister to pick up our little guy, so we had the whole evening to do what we wanted. Wow... wasn't expecting that! He even mentioned a restaurant that was an hour away that he loves.

We had already made reservations elsewhere and I'd kind of set my mind to that already, so we went ahead and went there and then treated ourselves to Starbucks... something rarely do. We enjoyed our evening out and I got to sleep in this morning! Something I never get to do anymore.

Now it's my turn.
Shh... don't tell!!

He doesn't know it, but I was planning on fixing a steak dinner for him tonight for Valentine's Day. He's been asking for that for a little while, & I just prefer to do it on the grill and the weather's made that a little hard to do. So, we will have salad, steak, potatoes, and a dessert (haven't decided on that yet), at the dining room table with candles.

Yes, our little guy will be with us tonight, but he can enjoy the extra nice meal with us & make it a good family time. Maybe I'll get a kid friendly movie at the library that we can all watch together after dinner too.

I also have some grapes and strawberries I got this week that we can share if the mood hits later... but enough about that :)

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