New Swagbuck code...

Search & Win

For those of you that are new to SwagBucks.. you earn points towards gifts by using their search engine (which is powered by Google).

Those points can be redeemed for gift certificates and prizes.

Here's a free code for 1 SwagBuck

To get the free Swagbuck... sign in and enter the code.
Can't find where to enter the code?
Go to your homepage, find the box labeled "You have ## Swagbucks", click on it. Then on the left you will see a box labeled enter your SwagCode.

Click on the image above to take you there :)

Don't know how many they are allowing with this code, so act fast!
(it did just work fine for me)


Anonymous said...

Per TSG, do not post the actual code anywhere online. You are free to post a hint to where to find the code though

Suz said...

Sorry didn't know that... thanks!

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