Shopping ebay...

I enjoy shopping ebay...

We live near a small city and sometimes I just can't find what I'm looking for in town. Other times I wouldn't mind something that was used and potentially cheaper.

Did you know you can get a percentage back on all of your ebay purchases? Through a program called BigCrumbs.

Our experience...
Last summer we decided we wanted to purchase a woodstove to get us through the winter. I grew up with one and we had one at our previous home and we had the desire to put one in our current home. We just love them! Anyway, we searched online and did some calling around and the prices were astounding. We spent some time on ebay and made our purchase of a used one and it's more beautiful than many of the new ones we've seen online! We were even able to find one that was enameled, which makes it so nice looking. We figure we saved at least 50% on the purchase of the stove alone... I used BigCrumb & it earned us $12.03 on our purchase! Definately worth clicking through their site for that!

BigCrumbs and Ebates are similar programs, if you've ever heard of Ebates.

BigCrumbs is the only source I know of where you can get cash back for shopping ebay, and all you have to do is sign up for their program.

For more about BigCrumbs go here.

What to know more about Ebates too?
I've posted about Ebates here.

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Anita said...

I use ebates too, they are great

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